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We arrived on the island of Hvar and were immediately approached (ok, swarmed) by people offering accomodation. We chose an older lady who had pictures and seemed friendly (plus her place was uber cheap), and her husband came and picked us and our 500lb bags up and took us to their apartments, about 3 minutes away from the ferry. The room was very cute, with our own bathroom(!) and a mini fridge. Such luxury! We dropped our stuff and headed down to check out the town. Hvar town is very small, and is pretty much just a tourist town. Everything is centered around the port, where private yaghts and tour boats are anchored 24/7. We changed into our bathing suits and walked down to the town (about a 10 minute STEEP downhill from our place...soon to become known as the Everest of Hvar), grabbed a gelato, and strolled along the path by the water. Hvar. Is. SO. BEAUTIFUL. Amazingly blue water, luscious green foliage, white rocky beaches. Incredible. We marveled at some of the incredible yaghts parked along the pier (will work for boat priviledges!), checked out some of the gorgeous houses along the water, and stopped to swim at a few spots. The beaches are all rocks (where there are beaches at all), so it was a bit uncomfortable for sunbathing. The view made it all worthwhile though, and the water was the perfect temperature for such a hot day. After laying out for a bit, some clouds rolled in to spoil the afternoon a bit, so we headed back to town. On the way we stopped to check out a boat tour for the next day that left at 9am and went to something called the Blue and Green Caves. It was an all day tour (got back at 6pm), so we decided to splurge on it and booked it for the next day. After that we grabbed dinner at a cute italian place (all they serve in croatia is italian food and seafood) and then headed home to change for a run. Yes, thats right. We went for a RUN. Well, a run/walk. But exercise, nonetheless. We went the other way around the seawalk, and it was soooo nice to get out. The temperature was perfect, the view was amazing, and it felt really good to work up a sweat. We stretched a bit at the end, showered, and hit the sack.
Today we had the boat tour booked so we headed down to the pier at 9am. The sky was looking pretty gray, so we were a little bit bummed. We grabbed seats on the deck, and the boat got about 30 minutes out...when we had to turn around due to weather. So we went back into town. We were at a loss what to do now, since Croatia is a pretty outdoors place (beaches, pools, outdoor cafes), so we shopped a bit...then went and napped. We love napping, if you hadnt guessed yet. That night we got dolled up with our Croatia headbands and bracelets and headed down to the sports bar we had seen to watch the football game. We ended up sitting with a couple of Australian guys and an American we had met on the ferry, as well as 2 Canadians the american guy had with him. Our group watched the game, then made friends with a large group of Irish and English people at another table (the boys bonded while taking pictures with some senior Croatian women). Our waitress also joined up with us to go to another bar, so we had Canadians, Americans, Irish, English, Australian, and Croatians in our group. Thus the International Posse was formed. We headed to a place called the jazz bar (where we brought the party with our group of 20 or so), had a few drinks, then moved to the "club on the hill". Up the hill, through the woods and around the corner there was...a club on a hill! It was part outdoors, part indoors (thankfully the dance floor was inside where the a/c was!), and the International Posse danced up a storm until 5 in the morning! As Vanessa and I walked home, the birds were chirping and the sun was just showing on the horizon. A legendary night.
The next day we had made plans to meet up with the Aussies from the night before for breakfast, so around noon they came to pick us up from our apartment (when you go to bed at 5, breakfast at noon is quite reasonable). We had an "american" breakfast of fried eggs and bacon, and afterwards went to this fancy hotel on the water where you can pay to use their pool for the day. The weather gods had other ideas, though. After about an hour at the pool the clouds started rolling in and the wind picked up like mad. We toughed it out for a good hour or 2, shivering and wrapped in our towels, then finally admitted defeat. Headed to a cafe for some hot lattes, then home to nap and hope for a weather change. That night we met the boys for a "romantic" dinner by candlelight, then hit up a Hvar hot spot called Carpe Diem, a very cool bar with lots of couches covered in pillows and some decent music. Ended the night pretty early, to recover from the night    before!
Today we met up with the American, Canadians, and Australians from our international posse to rent some boats to tour the smaller islands around Hvar. The boats were pretty junky, with 10 horsepower engines, so it took about 30 minutes to get to the closest island (it took the water taxis about 7 minutes, for comparison). We had some beer in the boats though, and were singing and tanning and basically acting like idiots so time flew by! Our Australian buddies were making up songs as we went, and the best of all of them was suitably called "Shit Boating". One memorable line went, "Shit boating! Some say we're barely floating, but we're...Shit Boating!" We putted between islands, dropping anchor in any small bays that begged to be swum in. The boys skinny dipped, but we kept our suits on (good family upbringing...right mom?). We headed back to shore only when the sun started going down and the waves starting getting bigger. Plus the Italy vs. Spain football game was about to begin! Back to dry land, where we  went home for a quick change, then headed back to the Sports Bar for football and the biggest burgers Ive ever seen. Called it a night after the game (sorry, Italy), and went home to pack. Last night in Hvar, off to Dubronvic (still in Croatia, on the mainland) tomorrow!

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photo by: shell3737