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As soon as we walked off the ferry in Split, a woman came up and asked if we needed accomodation. Her english was good, and it was 100 kunas (about $20) each per night, so we went with her. The apartment was in a good location, very close to the ferry, but was basically a dump. It smelled badly of mold, had a scary bathroom (no sink, so we had to spit our toothpaste in the shower), and was really dirty. Luckily our room was a decent size, and we had our sleep sheets (do not touch the bedding!), so we dealt with it. We had a quick nap (overnight ferry = very tired), then went exploring. We immediately found an outdoor market a few blocks from our room, in the ruins of an old castle. It was amazing: there are the old castle walls and buildings (over 1000 years old), and there are shops, restaurants, hotels, and a market in the old buildings. So strange! We found a restaurant there with a patio and a $12 all-you-can-eat breakfast. Lots of good food, and the waiter treated us like queens (an amazing treat after Venice). We went back 3 times! Our waiter also gave us a map and directions to the main beach in Split. We went on a tour of the palace, then walked down to check out the beach. Split is such a pretty little town, right on the water. Lots of cute little houses with red clay roofs, and the water is an incredible blue color. We were incredibly jealous of all the sailboats out on the water, especially since it was quite hot and the breeze on the water would have felt great.
Around the boardwalk behind the beach there were a lot of bars and restaurants, so we decided to nap then come back for dinner and drinks. On the way home from the beach we walked through this park area, where I noticed a guy peeing on a tree (in full view). Trying not to stare, I looked away, then glanced back...and realized he wasnt peeing at all. He was masturbating IN FULL VIEW. He saw me and Vanessa looking at him, and didnt falter for a second. The most disturbing part though? He was righ across the street from a playground where 100 kids were playing. Was he looking at them? So creepy.
On a nicer note, dinner was very romanic (Vanessa is a great date), on a patio overlooking the cover (at sunset, even). The beach bars were still dead around 9:00 though, so we headed up to the main street by the palace where they had lots of patios playing the football game. We sat with some french guys who barely spoke english, then ditched them for a huge group of Aussies that were in town for a sailing tour with 30 of their friends. AFter some drinks and chatting we headed back to our moldy room for bed.
Day 2 Split: BEach Day. We headed to the beach for the whole day today. Here are some highlights:
- Ball Game World Championships: This morning at the beach they held the World Championships of a game played only in Split. The game is played in shallow water, with a group of about 6 people. They use the inside of a tennis ball (with the yellow taken off), and the goal is to keep the ball in the air and do tricks when you hit it with the palm of your hand (kind of a cross between hacky sack and badminton). The really good guys were doing flying dives, hitting it off their heads, doing running sprints for it. Very entertaining, as they were all in really good shape and wearing euroshorts or speedos!
- Brothers Douche: on the beach we met 2 brothers from Wyoming and 2 sisters from Canada. They all seemed cool, so we spent a few hours on the beach together and agreed to meet up there later with a few bottles of wine. The guys showed up first with chips and cheese, and seemed really cool. Rob was in residency to be an ER doc, and Mayo did marketing for nonprofit groups. They were fun...until they got drunk and we went to a club for an Axe deodorant party. They they became Dr.Douche and Douchennaise (Mayo, get it?), or the Douche Brothers. Not sure if it was because they were drinking, or because of their uptight upbringing (religious, Rob claimed to be a virgin), but they became super touchy and pushy, ass-humping on the dance floor, complete jackasses. I eventually told Dr.Douche to quit being a jerk, and he went home pouting. We ended up running into them several times after that in Croatia, which was a bit awkward...though they suddenly turned normal again when sober. Strange.
-Axe Party: was in a club down by the beach, and was absolutely packed. Tons of good looking guys! And decent music! We danced all night, but by the end of it there was about a 20:1 ratio of guys to girls, and we were getting groped from all sides. Time to go!

The next day we headed to the island of Hvar, supposedly one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia. The ferry was pretty interesting, as the water was pretty rough and about 75% of the people on board were hungover from the night before. It was a pretty miserable ride. Several people threw up, but thankfully not us! We arrived in Hvar a little green but no worse for wear.

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photo by: EmEm