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Typical Ethiopian food (except the Coke!)

The next morning I awoke and had nice chats with some volunteers and learned about their awesome experiences.  One was a young Canadian fellow who had been working on water irrigation projects in many different areas...sounded very interesting! 

Eventually, I headed out, taking some local minivans to the embassy area of Addis.  I was hoping to get a Somaliland visa for a later trip to that "pseudo-country."   It boggles me that a region with its own democratically elected government, currency, army and who knows what more, is not recognized as a distinct country.  But that's politics....sadly...

Anyway, since I  had skipped breakfast by this time my stomach was telling me it need filling.

Typical street in the embassy area of Addis
  So I found a small restaurant and decided to taste typical Ethiopian cuisine.  After getting some help deciphering the menu ..."just what is this dish?", I  ordered the Quanta firfir which consisted of injera bread cooked with dried meat.  "Are you sure I will like this?" In fact the dish had chilis in it so had a nice twang and was quite tasty....just perfect for me!  After my filling meal, I headed off in search of the embassy.  I had to ask a few people for directiions but fortunately I did not have to wander long in the hot sun.  So there I found myself in front of a big black metal gate with the only identification being a small sticker bearing "I heart" and  the Somaliland flag.  Once inside, the application process was quite easy and after returning about three hours later I was all set to visit Somaliland via the city of Hargeisa.  "This should be great!"  I also met some very friendly Somali men who were getting help with a UK visa application....very nice people! They were sure to tell me how safe Somaliland was and about the interesting sites.

jlchatham says:
Great blog. You're a very good writer!
Posted on: Aug 16, 2009
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Typical Ethiopian food (except the…
Typical Ethiopian food (except th…
Typical street in the embassy area…
Typical street in the embassy are…
Entrance to the Somaliland embassy
Entrance to the Somaliland embassy
Small sign identifying the Somalil…
Small sign identifying the Somali…
Walking under the hot Etiopian sun
Walking under the hot Etiopian sun
Addis Ababa
photo by: Aopaq