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Herredia street la casa de la trova , where they play music all day and night show on the top, the blue house

first time i went to cuba 5 years ago, was one of my "dream" countries because of its music.

since then i was 5 times!

as i speak the language, and i was by myself, i got to know quite a few people, especially musicans, and i became a good friend with members of one Changui group, (musica from guantanamo).

i think i was lucky, cos' i went to some people houses, very poor i must admit. u should bring with u some cloths, soups, toys for kidds, body creams, glasses and most important medicin, any pills for head aches, whatever.....

i was staying 5 times with one great family, it's a big colonial house, the bottom was belong also to the family, was a drink factory or whatever, before castro, it was taken away from them, and was given to some families who have no windows.

casa de caribbiean it's a small museum and there is a rumba show sing and dance, i think saturday
... at the bottom...

but they live on the first floor with a tipical yard in the middle, they live with their son and now the grandfather, but there r big rooms around the yard, and the guests have a big room with a shower and toillet inside, + breakfast.

only one room for guests with a big double bed.

i guess the prises went a bit up?!?!, u should ask,  when i was it was 15 cuc off seoson, and  20 cuc in high seoson, before 1 CUC - (pesos convertibles) was 1$, then it raised :) to nearly 1 euro. in fact first 3 times i didn't even changed for cuc, used the dolars, and had some pesos cubanos to buy piza in the streets and travel with the local in busses, or some other food which they sell in some houses, or "government piza" :). the pesos, u change in banks, don't do it in the streets!, when i got to know Idania she used to preper me 200 pesos, as to change in the bank u have such a cue, it takes hours.

Parque Cespedes the city hall
.. but it's a fun experience, there r 2 lines, one to those who buy dolars and to those who buy pesos, and there is a policeman, when 1 or 2 go out, he let the same in....

the casa particular (sleeping at people houses) it's only 5 minutes walk from parque cespedes, but in a very cuban area, not like the Heredia street which is very turistic, only 5 minutes from there, a quite street, and i, as a woman alone, can tell u that i walk any time at night and there is no problem

their address:


C/ CORNELIO ROBEN (JAGUEI) # 117   1st floor

(in cuba they write 1 and a little 0 up) in Cuba the streets have 2 names the old one and the new one :)

ENTRE GALLO Y ESCUDERO   (they write entre like this %)


TEL: 53-22-620550


send them my regards!!! micky from israel, i used to write with his cousin who is a doctor and has an e-mail, but i guess it doesn't function lately :) and to call there is very expensive... unfortunately!

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Herredia street la casa de la trov…
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