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10:00 pm

Today we went to Tallin, Estonia. It was absolutely wonderful, and I wish we had gotten to spend more time there. We took the noon speedboat after we were done with our morning duties (aka everyone sitting around procrastinating). The speedboats they have are very fast, but they rock a lot so it is possible you could get seasick. They also have regular ferries over there, however the regular ferries take 4 hours and the jet boats take only 1 1/2 hours.

Everything in Tallin is very very cheap. They use eek (Estonia kron), which translates to about 15 eeks per Euro. For lunch we all had 10" pizzas that cost around $3 and cokes that were $1 (normally cokes are $3-$4 in Europe). We also stopped by McDonald's, where a Big Mac was $1, small hamburgers $0.75, ice cream $0.50, Kid's Meals $2. Unfortunately they only took krons and not euros or credit cards. We also found a small antique store, where we spent about a half an hour and came out with a Russian gas mask, lots of Russian military medals and pins, a 75 year old camera, and a bag of small watch faces for a project of some sort. I don't remember how much everything was, but I do know the gas mask was only around $8.

It's also a very beautiful city. It seems to be designed so that nearly every road turns into a photograph. The cobblestone roads wind around buildings that are nicely desgined and are all different colors. Stores have potted flowers in their windows, which adds to the color and reflects the sunlight.

I wish we had spent the weekend in Tallin instead of Rovaniemi. While seeing the arctic circle was cool, it doesn't compare to the beauty, uniqueness, and shopping opportunities in Tallin.

All too soon at 6 pm we boarded the last jetplane and were back in Helsinki. We ran into the New York girls at a restaurant called Manhattan Steak House (lol). The food was urgh there, and by the way, NEVER order a 10 gram steam unless you are a kid. They are tiny.

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photo by: Chokk