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Spencer, me, and my dad in front of the Helsinki Cathedral. It was gorgeous inside and out!
Today we went to see the rock church and the Lutheran cathedral and took the trolley around town. Because of the lack of sleep for 3 or 4 days (Lapland 24 hour sunlight and train travel), I was very tired and in a bad mood. Went to the mall and did some tax free shopping at Benneton. I would say that Finnish women are not as "stylish" as Americans, but they are dressier. It is very, very rare to see a woman wearing pants in the summertime. Arja says that not only is it because they are dressier, but also for practical purposes. There are only about 3 months when they can wear dresses or skirts. At night, it is still very chilly, but the young girls in town still wear mini-dresses. At night they put on tight leggings, like the American 80s style! It actually isn't a bad look because they are so thin. Leggings are EVERYWHERE here, at least on the under 30 set. I got a pair when we went shopping today. Arja said that they will probably start being popular in the states soon. (2008 Note: They did become insanely popular about 6 months later! I guess Finns aren't that far behind in fashion at all!) A lot of people love this designer called Marimekko. Very bright patterns, abstract florals, etc. I think the stuff is ok, but too bright/flashy for me.

The rock church was....interesting. It's only a few blocks from our flat. It was kind of cool to see, but I have no idea why it's marketed as such a tourist place. I much prefer the cathedrals and churces of Italy, England, etc. It was rather plain and kind of modernist. The trolley around town is nice...the locals take it as well as tourists. It's cheap and it's a hop-on-hop-off kind of thing.     
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Spencer, me, and my dad in front o…
Spencer, me, and my dad in front …
photo by: portia