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Diner with friends at LE RENDEZVOUS - French restaurant

There are many places to dine while in Tucson, with the diversity we have here you can eat just about anything you want: Food is life, so no one can blame me for enticing everyone with the variety I'm about to include in here. I have tried to look at all food options from Chinese to Mexican, Italian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, Inter-continental to mention but a few. To be fair, I have literally included full-service menus for all the restaurants to allow you to choose. Now, now, don't get excited yet, we are all going to have to choose just two restaurants to dine at, lol! I know, life is not fair is it - but you will enjoy whichever you choose, that I can promise.

PEI WEI ASIAN DINER (pronounced as pay Way, lol!): The finest Chinese food I have eaten so far away from China - I mean this sincerely.

Ambiance at the restaurant is welcoming
Located on Broadway at the Williams Center, 5285 E Broadway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85711, Phone: 520-514-7004, Pei Wei is a favorite of the Asian restaurants around here. Lets look at the menu, shall we? Ok click on this link for the menu My all time favorite is the Thai Dynamite, a choice of crispy chicken, shrimp or pork made with Sriacha chili sauce, soy, fresh lime, scallion, red bell pepper, carrot and Thai basil, yummy!

Pei Wei is an internationally recognized Restaurant chain with a knack for excellence: They have restaurants located in many states of the nation, I encourage you to visit one nearest to you to sample the food and let me know if they pass the test for quality.

A touch of diversity, you can go Vietnamese
You can do so by simply going to their website and clicking on your state on the US map, lick a location in your town or one nearest to your town and you can even order a take out. As a recommendation, try their Minced Chicken with Cool Lettuce wraps for starters, you will absolutely love them. The Vietnamese chicken wraps are such a delight - they are a must try. My daughter and I have eaten there on two separate occasions and sampled 3 different diners at the recommendation of some of my colleagues from work. Food is a matter of taste, but I can bet that whatever you choose from the menu, will be absolutely delicious.

EL CHARRO CAFE (Mexican grill), HA LONG BAY (Vietnamese), BANGKOK CAFE (Thai), RED LOBSTER (Seafood), MIMI'S CAFE (Italian), LE RENDEVOUS (Authentic French).

Tucson is a small town in comparison to other cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. The standard and cost of living differ and so does the social life here. But we love food and food is in abundance. You will be the judge of that. I delight in good cuisine and I make judgements as I eat one food to another.

PS: Please look at my restaurant reviews for additional information. Welcome to Tucson, come and join us for the TUCSON TRAVBUDDY MEET UP - NOVEMBER 08

yheleen says:
very, very helpful info ;)
Posted on: Oct 02, 2008
Africancrab says:
Hey Danny, it's all good over here, how are ya? you have been MIA
Posted on: Sep 17, 2008
danny291 says:
pay way! hey hey haha!
Posted on: Sep 17, 2008
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Diner with friends at LE RENDEZVOU…
Diner with friends at LE RENDEZVO…
Ambiance at the restaurant is welc…
Ambiance at the restaurant is wel…
A touch of diversity, you can go V…
A touch of diversity, you can go …
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Mimis Cafe, great food here
Mimi's Cafe, great food here
Asian diner
Asian diner
This is the Thai Dynamite, yummmy!
This is the Thai Dynamite, yummmy!
photo by: walterman9999