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they rock!
Day 13 (last day) - sunny

I woke up by Matt's phone call at noon or so. Oh yeah, he's leaving today..  I didn't get to say good bye... >< Because I was going to see him last night but my phone was dead AGAIN!!!!
He told me they called/texed me last night.. OH? I had to retrieve my new messages because I didn't get any last night. Ok, I got messages from them last night. Why it didn't work last night?  I MISSED THEM!!!

It was already passed noon so I didn't wana get up but I had to. I'm not gona waste my time doing nothing at hostel.

I went to East Village to see Astor Place's 'alamo' or whatever it calls.
I didn't eat anything so on my way there, I bought some cookies. I was looking around this shop and saw several PC's.
I asked one of the stuff for the price. He said it's free to use internet. FREE INTERNET??? It's 2 or 3 blocks away from my hostel and I didn't know this place until this time?!?! I have to come back!!
I could take subway but I wanted to see many things so I decided to walk to Astor Place. On the way there, I found some lovely shops but unfortunately, I didn't have enough money to buy them..
I walked too much that I passed 2 streets so I went back and found 'alamo'. HMM??? Is that it?? That's so small!!!! I was expecting more bigger one!!! Oh well, I wanted to see it anyway.. It's kinda cute black cube :)

I walked back to hostel and waited for a phone call from Jillian. Until then I took a little nap. I woke up by this phone call. I couldn't hear anything so I asked her to call me to hostel.
It wasn't Jillian. It was Jennifer! haha!!! I thought she was Jillian!!!
Jillian, her friend and I were trying to go to Third Eye Blind concert that night but it was sold out so we couldn't go.
Instead, Jennifer and I'll have dinner tonight. It's my last day so I wanted to see someone!!

I changed and hit up the area where Jenn is living. I like that area! So cool and different from other places. I found some cute shops so I think I should check them out next time I come to New York!!
We went to Italian restaurant with Jenn's friend, Ken. I realized I didn't eat pizza since I arrived in NY. So I ordered pizza!! Mmmm... Yummy pizza!!!
After dinner, Jenn and I went to a bar. It was packed! Something was going on there. Some of them had name tags on their clothes.

I had a big drink there. I couldn't finish that up! And I felt weird... I guess I'm drunk!!!!
YES, I was DRUNK!!!! I usually don't drink. I drink like.. once a year and it's a small glass. Not a huge one like I had this evening.
I had a headache *~*
We moved to another bar. A cool bar that I liked so much!! Not crowded but really comfortable. But I was already drunk so I only had water.. I know it's stupid but couldn't drink anymore!!!!  I was drunk, had a headache and my hands were started to shaking BUT I remember everything!! I never got drunk so it was really really weird and felt sorry for Jenn... She asked me to go to another bar but I couldn't go anywhere so I said good bye to Jenn and left for hostel. Even I was drunk, Jenn was really nice to me! Thank you SO much, Jenn!!!!!
I didn't want to take a cab back becuase I was afraid of throwing up in a cab but I can't take subway, NO way!
I was okay in a cab and got back to hostel, lied down for a bit.
i don't wan this table!!!
. phew!! What a night... OHhhhhh Noooooo ... Run to the bathroom, oh shit, both bathrooms were busy! Went to a shower room which is next to the bathrooms.  P*k*d... Yup, I did it!!!  Eww!! I don't feel good at all!!!!
AAAAAND my plane is leavin in 6 hours LOL!!!!
I sat there and tried to calm down... I was feeling better so I took a shower.
I was going to sleep for a few hours. Jenn's gona call me at 3am just in case I didn't wake up.
After I got out from shower, a guy asked me if I wanted some black tea. Black tea?? What's that? So I said 'No'. But we started to talk.
It was already12:30am. His name is Julien, from Montreal (what a coincident!!). Here's our funny conversation :
Me ; How long you've been staying in this hostel?
Julien ; From last weekend.

M; Oh? I didn't see you!? Which room are you?
J ; I saw you many times. I'm staying in the same room as you.

Because I was busy going out with TB's, I didn't pay attention to my roommates!!! I only knew a couple of them.

He was an intersting guy to talk to and showed me a crazy man from Montreal. He and one of the stuff were talking until I leave there. Some guests there asked us to be quiet ;P  We were laughing pretty loud :)
So I didn't get any sleep and left hostel at 4am.
I'm no longer 'drunk'! haha

My last day in NY ended up by drunk but I had such a wonderful time in NY this time. I'm so happy to be back here again. And I met great TB's while I was here. I have to come back to see them. Next time would be no alcohol for me ;)

My long flight back to Japan is begining. It'll take about a day to come back. *sigh*...
momiji says:
jenn, i had unforgettable night ;) and it was really fun even i was drunk lol! that guy? a bit big bartender or whoever he was. he was really nice!! and lucky you! i loved that place so much!! next time i go to ny, take me there again and we have to go there first. not the 2nd bar... :D
Posted on: May 28, 2008
ellechic says:
Hahaha... Gloria, you had a glass of Southern Hospitality's Sweet Magnolia! LoL. Sorry I got you drunk on your last night in NYC. At least it made your last night memorable, right? I had fun with you that night... and I befriended the 2nd bar's owner/barternder - I got 2 free cosmopolitans and a shot while I was there!
Posted on: May 27, 2008
reikunboy says:
And you want to have 2 nomihodai's when you come to Osaka hahaha
Posted on: May 27, 2008
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they rock!
they rock!
i dont wan this table!!!
i don't wan this table!!!
my favorite-forever shoes, VANS ;)
my favorite-forever shoes, VANS ;)
oh, here!
oh, here!
me eating pizza!
me eating pizza!
cheese ;)  Jenn and kenneth
cheese ;) Jenn and kenneth
drinking Jenns cosmo but i was al…
drinking Jenn's cosmo but i was a…
Jenn and me! i dont look like i w…
Jenn and me! i don't look like i …
my room - my bed is so messy lol
my room - my bed is so messy lol
my room
my room
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