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Day 8 - sunny

I set my alarm at 6:30am but one of my roommates left around 6am so I woke up once but I went back to sleep.. 
I left Alexandrie-Montreal to a bus terminal. I didn't know there was a bus to the airport until yesterday. I found out while I was waiting for guys to pick me up. I should thank them to come late now :) haha! So yeah, I found it and I checked the time so I was ready to leave Montreal!
It was 30minutes ride to the airport.
Because I used United Airline, I had to transfer once at Washington. What a short trip ever!!! 1h 10minutes to Washington and from Washington to NY was only 45minutes or so. Of course I slept on the plane. I can sleep if it's a short trip :)

I was thinking when did I go to NY the last time.
.!? It was 2004 so 4 years ago. Hmm.. it feels more than 4 years. My first trip to NY was only bad memories.. I had a bad cold(for the whole trip), jetlag(which I usually don't have), had different opinions with my friend, rained a lot, etc.. So, to be honest, I didn't like NY and didn't want to come back unless I made friends in NY.

Then why I come back to NY this time? It's because they had NY meetup! I always love to meet new people but this website is very different from any other website. People here are so nice and helpful and fun to talk to.  It's because we all love traveling, we help each other, right?
So yeah, I decided to join this meetup. I talked to Natasha a lot for over 2 months(i think..) and I was so excited to see her. She used to live in Japan so she knew some stuff about Japan which I wanted to share more in person.
hahaha :D

I finally landed in NY. YEAH!!! NEW YORK, baby!! I told some of my friends that I'm going to NY and they were so jealous!! hehe :)
Anyway, I took a cab to my hostel. I stayed at Chelsea Center East hostel in Lower East Side.  I picked this place because I had to leave VERY eary in the morning to go back to Japan. Everyone recommended Jazz or somewhere in the middle of Manhattan.  I could stay there but not this time, sorry guys but thanks :)
This hostel is an okay place. It's right next to Delancey/Essex subway station. YES, it's a few minutes walk from the bar Delancey. Great location for me! The stuff there were actually really nice!! So helpful and so friendly!!!

The pre-meetup dinner was at 7pm BUT I was SOOOOO hungry so I went to eat something before dinner.
I didn't eat anything since this morning so I couldn't wait anymore.
I went to Verlaine at 7pm. I went inside, it was already packed of people. I looked around for a bit but didn't see any familliar faces so I went back to outside and called Natasha. They were sitting at the way back! HA, that's why I couldn't see them!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! Here they are my first NY TBs(and more..)!!! I had a big hug with Natasha. It was good to see her finally ;)  Pretty much everone was there except Josh. Natasha, Jeff, Debra, Craig, Jaimie, Lauri, and Matt.  I didn't know who's coming to dinner so I was a bit nervous but I had a great time talking to them :)

We hit to the club after dinner. We got there a bit early so we had to wait at the Village Underground for a while.
Before 10pm, we went down. Right after the clock hit to 10pm, people just started showing. First, Mark then Mario and Val.. By the time we were at the bar, it was already full of TBs!!!
I had no idea how many people will show up that night. I think it was over 20 people with their friends. This bar/club or whatever it calls was great!! They had live band (this girl sings really good), we were all dancing, drinking, taking photos, chatting with loud voice. haha!!
Oh I had such a wonderful time that night.

After the pre-meetup, Jennifer, Aileen, Jamie, Craig, Josh, Warren, Nico and I went for dessert/dinner at cool Italian restaurant near the club.
I wasn't hungry at all but I had dessert, berry tart :) YUM!!!
We left around 3am(!!) to their own places.

Long day but unforgettable day also ;)
yasuyo says:
Nice meetup! I want to go to NY!!
Posted on: Aug 08, 2008
sunstroke says:
great blog! what a blast!!! ;)
Posted on: May 06, 2008
reikunboy says:
no pics of clemens
He didn't go???????????????????
Posted on: May 05, 2008
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i love this picture!!
i love this picture!!
my tart
my tart
joshs big meal at 2am lol!!
josh's big meal at 2am lol!!
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