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Day 12 - rain - sunny

I really really had a great sleep last night. Though some of my roommates snored a bit but not like that old man. Glad he's gone now :)

I was going to see one of my TB friends today but I got a message from him yesterday that he couldn't make it today. He had this and that...
So, I have no plans today. I stayed in bed until noon. I was bored but I like lying in bed so I did.
Had brunch at hostel and finally I moved my butt..

I had to buy stamp for a post card. I promised sending one from NY to one of my TB friends. I wrote it but didn't have a chance to buy stamps.. I went to this big post office but after I got there I realized that I forgot to bring a post card!! I bought only stamps instead. I don't know why I bought 3.. I only needed one.
. -.-

I was walking around that area and took some photos. Went shopping/window shopping. This time, I didn't go shopping for me, I shopped for friends and sisters. They asked me to buy this and that!!
My budegt is always tight. This time is also... I didn't spend much in Canada so I exchange all my Canadian$ into US$.
Everything in New York is expensive. People asking me Tokyo(Japan) is expensive but LISTEN, NY is way expensive than Tokyo. At least we don't have tips and tax is all included in price. Even fancy restaurants doesn't cost that much like in NY. Well,, if you go to a REALLY fancy restaurants, then you have to pay lots, of course :)
Drinks in Japan isn't that expensive but the size is about 1/2 so you feel it's expensive.
a woman..

Anyway, I spent a little too much for food and CAB!!! I don't use cab in Japan!!! Walk or subway!!! I felt I was rich or something! haha :D

Well, where was I?? Oh, shopping!! Yes, I did some shopping and I went to Apple store AGAIN. Free internet made me want to go there :)
Now, I want one of Apple laptops... It's really good!!! I guess I have to wait until the one I'm using is broke!
This time I was there less than an hour and checked some of TB's blogs about that weekend.

Went back to hostel and went our for dinner. I found this sandwich place in LES!! It's near Delencey. They have pretty good sandwiches. I actually went there when I first arrived in NY.  Big sandwich but cheap.
After my big sandwich dinner, I went to get some cupcakes (i love cupcakes!) for dessert. I bought 2 cupcakes and brought them back to hostel.  ohhh.. i missed their cupcakes..!!!!

OH! I didn't get any calls or text today.. I was going to meet up with some TB's... Ok... my phone was dead again? or they just didn't call/text me?? Oh well... I didn't get any...

Tomorrow is my last day in NY. I don't think I can go to the Empire State Building on my own... I need some company to go there...
I think I should come back here again then ;)

My throat hurts.. Was it from this weekend? Talking too loud?? Was it from alcohol?? Smoking on the street??? IT HURTS!!!
momiji says:
haha!! i was lazy going to post office ;P
glad you received it ;)
Posted on: May 13, 2008
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a woman..
a woman..
a man...
a man...
apple store - how many hours was i…
apple store - how many hours was …
NY post office
NY post office
at disney store
at disney store
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