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Day 11 - rain - heavy rain

I knew one day will rain in New York and yes today is the day. I'm glad I brought umbrella.

I couldn't have enough sleep since I left Japan. Today, I finally slept loooong time. My roommate who snored is still here but I slept okay.
I had a dream that I was taking a video of this snoring man. Weird dream... 

Woke up around 10am.. I had a plenty of time until lunch - I'm going to have lunch with some of TB's.
I left hostel and hit to where we supposed to meet up.
Jeff and Natasha, Lynette, Malvin, Matt and I had a big lunch together at right next to NY library. Another fancy restarurant for lunch!!
I've never had lunch at such place!!

After lunch, Lynette, Matt and I went to Barney's.
. We walked a bit in a rain, I mean heavy rain. And took a cab later.. haha
Lynette had to go back to work so Matt and I went to Barney's. Hmm.. I thought there is more shops in Barney's but we couldn't find any other shops or whatever it was..
So we left there and walked up to Time Warner center for a bit.. and decided to have some coffee. Every Starbucks around there was full and not many tables/chairs were there!!!!!! Only 3 tables or so... I guess people in NY don't have coffee inside of Starbucks.
We found diner so we went in and had some coffee and yummy cheesecake!!!! Oh it was yum! with strawberry sauce on it!! YUM!
Talked for a little while with him and decided to meet up at night for dinner.

I wanted to check emails so I went to Apple store. (My hostel charge $1 for 10 minutes!!!!! and so slow.
matt's big chicken!
.wast of money) I had to wait a bit but as soon as someone left, I grabbed one of their pc. I think I was there for over an hour. Because of that, I had stiff shoulders. haha
I was going back to hostel before dinner but I didn't have time and got lazy to go back so I didn't and went to restaurant.
Had dinner with Jillian (and her friends), Matt, Lynette, and Malvin. I had a delicios dinner there!!!!
This restaurant had a cool bathroom. (see photos)
I was SO tired so I just had dinner with them and left. Wow, I got back before mid-night! haha!! I didn't get back that early this past week.

The 'snore' guy checked out today so I can have a REALLY nice sleep tonight :)

2 more days to go..

Since I got to Canada/US, I use of cell phone a lot and it is international so I'm scared of my cell phone bill... I hope it's not so much!!
I heard from friends that when they used cell phone in abroad, their bill was over $300!! I hope mine isn't that high.. ><

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matts big chicken!
matt's big chicken!
bathroom in serafina
bathroom in serafina
bathroom in serafina!!
bathroom in serafina!!
too bright McDonalds :)
too bright McDonald's :)
New York
photo by: herman_munster