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So, I'm not positive, but I've noticed what I think are some differences between western and eastern (or maybe just Korean) teaching styles.  The freedom a teacher has in the disciplining of children is awesome! For instance, one punishment is to make a misbehaving child stand in the corner with his or her hands over their heads until the teacher thinks they have learned their lesson.  I love it! A different play on this physical "abuse" is the "Spiderman Pose" in which the child stands in the corner with both hands against one wall and one foot up on the other wall.  I have tried it myself and it sucks.  The reaction from the other children is pretty mild which makes me think they have seen a lot worse. 

The cruelest example of discipline so far actually came from one of the other Korean teachers whose child (her daughter) attends the school and is a terror in my class.  I let her mother know that her child had been a terror (ran up to board in the middle of class, grabbed a pen, and threw the cap at a nearby class member and repeatedly mocked my scolding in a baby voice).  She said "oh my god, im so sorry!"  About 20 minutes later, the girl came up to me bawling and apologized.  I told her mother, who by the way is one of the nicest ladies ive ever met, "god, i didnt want you to make her cry, i just wanted to let you know that she sucks.  What did you say to her?"  Apparently, there have been some kidnappings in Korea recently and she told her daughter that if she didnt start behaving in my class that she would make her walk home and that she would likely be kidnapped.  Well that straightened her out! She was terrified! I have a feeling that wouldnt fly in the states. 

Other than that teaching english in Korea is ridiculously easy.  They expect very little from their foreign teachers and I have decided that my presence is just a selling point on their brochure.  "Here at JM School, we have an actual foreigner," that kind of thing.  I read to them. I ask them about what they did yesterday and what they will do tomorrow, and then write it on the board.  I answer the Korean teacher's questions about pronunciation and figures of speech. But, I will say, it is a lot easier to go to work when everybody at work treats you like a rock star and knowing your own language makes you feel like a genius.

Im sure my next post will be like, "i gotta get out of here," but for now, I am surprised at how much I like it.  The food is getting easier to eat, the smells not so strong, and the air still sucks. 

Peace out,

charlieray85 says:
I want to here more....
Posted on: Jun 13, 2008
charlieray85 says:
What have you been eating?
Posted on: Jun 10, 2008
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