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Okay, this could be trouble. This weekend I found out bars dont close here!

So I arrived on Thursday night (see previous post) and was thrown to the wolves on my first day of work on Friday. I walked in the door and saw kids running around everywhere.  All of a sudden it was like the record scratch and they all stopped and stared at me.  The owner introduced me as Daniel Teacher, which is what they call me, and like 25 kids ran up to me and immediately started rubbing my arms.  "Daniel Teacher, why do you have so much hair?!" This fascinated every class that I had and I may take to wearing long sleeve shirts just so they arent distracted and forget about wearing shorts. 

In my first class, when I valiantly earned the title "Daniel Teacher," I stood at the door and looked around for where I was supposed to teach.  I guess I thought I would have a lecturn or some kind of desk, but its just a big round table about 2 feet off the ground surrounded by tiny little chairs.  Apparently the teacher also sits in one of the little chairs.  If you have ever met me, this is a hilarious notion and I have really got to get a photo to post. Its like a slapstick comedy or something the way my knees come up to my chin and i tower over the table.  Anyway, the kids are really cute and they are generally well behaved and enthusiastic about learning english.  I think the teaching aspect of my adventure will be okay.

After work, I met up with my quasi-liason Johnny, a Korean American from LA, to go to a house party (very lucky to have him around or i think i would be sitting in my room planning an escape by now).  We met at Starbucks, which is basically the same as at home but twice the price, and headed to Gwangali Beach, a party area swarming with foreigners.  My new friends are really, really serious about playing darts.  Like they have a league and a ranking system and they play on the electric dart boards that record your stats so they all know where they stand in all of korea and they look it up online (like i said, they are serious).  So we played darts, I met a ton of canadians and a few irishmen and brits.  Amazingly, I have not met one single american except Johnny! I thought it would be the opposite, tons of americans with canadians and briths sprinkled around.  So we start out slow just hanging out and drinking beer and you know how these things progress.  Literally the first time I even thought of looking at the time, i didnt need to because it was light outside! At home, they start turning the lights on at 1:30 and usually its a good cue to finish your beer and call it a night.  Without a bouncer's guidance, it is very easy to forget that you have to go home at all! I did, two nights in a row! Last night, Saturday, after sleeping a little and getting my cell phone operational, we met up again. I played in a dart tournament, darts are a parlor game in which I am completely inept, and then met a group of crazy foreigners (polish, canadian, brazilian) and we went to a soju bar/restaurant.  They mix soju and juice and then each person gets their own pitcher.  My new friends convinced the restaurant that it was my birthday and subsequently everyone else in our party's birthday.  When someone from our group would claim a birthday, they would turn on a strobe and sing a song that just says "congratulations! congratulations!" over and over again.  Each time they would play it everyone would stand up on bench seat and dance and sing it.  I had the cab drop me off at Home Plus (locally pronounced "ahh home ahh prus" and bought the korean version of frosted flakes.  Again, it was light out when I stepped into my apartment. 
I am now hurting.  I have not had a real sleep since I have been here and I my internal clock doesnt really exist anymore, but I have met some really fun people and my cell phone contacts are starting to grow.  I will take it easy for the week and await the next weekend.  From Busan, South Korea with love...
charlieray85 says:
I love you I can just imagine!!... you sitting at the table with your knees just poppin out!! Sounds so awesome and new I want to hear more.... oh and
Posted on: Jun 10, 2008
smokeyd says:
Posted on: May 25, 2008
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