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The cemetary in Recoleta. Evita's tomb scared us into muppet faces.

You know me. I very rarely follow guide books since I think theyre shit and the recommendations just go to the highest bidder. Well, I went against my own recomendation and cruised around with Frommer today. What a shitty travel buddy. He led us on a bus to some dog park in Recoleta which was supposed to magically morph into Evita PerĂ³ns tomb. 14 blocks later, there was the weirdest/boringest tourist site ever. Millions of creepy tombs filled with important people I know nothing about....... yeah, that was worth the 3 hours it took to get there. Dont hate me if Im wrong but wasnt Evita a prostitute to begin with?

Shopping in Palermo was nothing to write home about so I wont bore you with it. But I did get some overpriced black slacks from Zara. I bought them mainly because I always feel like I should buy something at Zara because its a classy store.

Tango show La Ventana.
No H&M which makes me sad.

I should have learned from Frommers "great" tip to visit  a cemetary that he cannot be trusted with my time. Yet, Julia and I headed on the Subtu to Palermo to find the "best Mediterranean restaurant in Buenos Aires." Too bad we walked for half an hour only to ask the policia where it was and learn that it closed down over a year ago. Must not have been so good, huh? Went to a restaurant called Miranda, which no doubt took over the spot of our originally desired eatery, and had one of the best meals Ive had in Argentina. Hands down, best salad ever in my life. Julia and I ordered a whole bottle of Malbec Santa Julia but sadly, walked away from at least another glass because we were too full and starting to get our buzz on. The waiters loved us and demanded we give them our facebooks. Subtu was closed and had to take a taxi. Good thing theyre so cheap here.

Tomorrow we arent sure what we are going to do. Probably go back to Palermo to hang at the zoo and botanical gardens. Its funny because I remember being in Amsterdam for a whole week and running out of things to do besdies the zoo and gardens. Always a good choice. Tomorrow night we hop on a bus to Mendoza aka wine country. Three days two nights of winery tours, hiking, and paragliding. Cant wait.

See, I told you there was still hope for this trip.

Nos vemos.

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Finally! Its just Julia and I on this god forsaken trip. Everyone left last night and Im happy. It would have been fun to have Dad around but I understand that life gets in the way and plans must change. So Julia and I are staying another night in Obelisco Hostel which is cool because theyre really helpful here but Im sad that I wont get to see Demian again. Alas, another one bites the dust.

Last night, Julia and I went to an amazing tango show, La Ventana. Basically, tango is a totally beautiful artform and Im so so so jealous that I cant do it. Before the show started and while we were eating the best meal Ive had so far, one of the dancers brought me on stage to learn to tango. Needless to say, I totally blew and made an ass out of myself. But guess what......... thats something on my list of 101 Things to Do Before I Die (see previous entry in this blog)!!!!! So far on this trip, Ive done two things; snowboard in Argentina and tango in Buenos Aires. Now, I dont know if I rightfully should say that I tangoed last night since I basically stumbled my way along the stage but whatever, Im counting it. Yay for me.

Well, I must say adios because Im watching The Game; Argentina vs. Brazil. We are also going to Evitas grave in Recoleta and shopping in Palermo. Okay, nos vemos.

Besos. Lana

cestlavie99 says:
hi, where did you see that Tango show?
Posted on: Sep 20, 2008
The cemetary in Recoleta. Evitas …
The cemetary in Recoleta. Evita's…
Tango show La Ventana.
Tango show La Ventana.