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In less than five hours I will be on that cramped little airplane back to the U.S. of A. I am pleased to be going back to what is normal and familiar but still none the less, wishing that I could explore South America tons more. Despite all the events that have made this trip something similar to Chevy Chases European Vacation, Ive had a blast.

Last night, we missed our bus. Thanks to Julias inability to read military time we were an hour late for our comfy bed bus and had to buy all new tickets on a less plush bus. Oh the bastards who work at bus stations. Anyway, another sleepless night later we showed up in Bs.As., stole some breakfast at the hostel that we are no longer even booked at, and snuck a few much need showers and zzzsss.

Went to San Telmo for the hippie/antique/jewelry/random-crap market.

Actually, by far the best artisan goods Ive seen on the whole trip. Went a little crazy with buying things. Im pretty sure my new apartment is going to look a damn mess. A collection of hippie/artsy/hawaii/argentinian/and everything else will pretty much be plastered everywhere. Better that than white walls.

Happy to be going back to the states like I said, but stressed about everything that it entails. Getting in on Monday night, missing the first day of classes, trying to move into an apartment while desperatly needing to shop for furniture! Oh, and lovely Dave Matthews Band concert on Wednesday. Too bad the saxist died last week. Oh well. Anyway, since this is really the final blog about this Argentinian adventure I just have to say, ciao bellos y quiero volver a Argentina pronto.

Ciao y besoss.

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