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Tonight after work we went to pick up the 'party bus' to take it on a skiing trip to Vermont. Tait was voted as the designated driver, so we programmed the satnav and off we went!  We stopped for a McDonalds pit stop early on.  Stefan asked me where I had disappeared to at dinner last night -I told him I went to another bar.  He kept questioning me until we were interrupted by the others.  Later on I told Pete about it and he said that Stefan knew full well were I went last night because he had already questionned him about it at lunch! 

About an hour from our destination it started to snow - REALLY snow.  We proceeded slowly along through the woods until we could no longer see where the road was heading and the bus was skidding on every corner.  Sat nav took us around a sharp right bend and on a steep road going up the side of a mountain.  The bus nade it to the first bend then slid backwards and sideways, coming to rest on a fence.  On the other side of the fence was a sheer drop too high to contemplate.  Freaking out we all piled out of the bus and tried to push.  No good - it was totally stuck and the boys (except Tait the driver) was all really drunk.  It was really snowing too - everyone kept slipping over and Mark even chipped a tooth going face first onto the road! All we could think of was to call the owners of the chalet who's number we had. Afetr walking up and down in the snow for half an hour we found enough reception to do this.  They gave us the number of a 24 hour tow company who we called and they agreed to come and reacue us for a fee!  After an hour or so he arrived, attached snow chains and pulled us off the fence.......except once we were off it we realised it wasn't a fence at all - just a huge block of ice!  After turning around and heading back down the mountain, the tow truck man led us along a main road to where we needed to be.


We finally arrived at the chalet at about 1:30am and after a short fight over beds we all collapsed exhausted!  There is more snow here than I have ever seen in my life!

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photo by: herman_munster