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Got up early to get all my camping stuff together and buy groceries for the trip.  At 10 I headed over to Colin's house where we packed up the truck, then we met Ian and Kelly, stocked up on beer, and hit the road.  It was cold and windy in Breck when we left (only 15 degrees), and we couldn't wait to get to the desert.  The drive was more or less uneventful - stopped for lunch where Colin got the stink eye from some good old boys (he's got quite the Jesus/hippie look), but otherwise, just a mellow drive.  Until we got to Moab, where a car show was going on for the weekend.  I've never seen that town so bumpin.  People were actually in camp chairs along main street as if there were a parade going on.
  All we wanted to do was get some gas and get out of there to our campsite.  This site that Colin took us to was hands down the best car camping site I've ever been to.  Free, 30 miles down a dirt road, far away from any other people and deep in a canyon right on the Green River.  The road you take to get to it is straight down steep switchbacks that would make most people cringe, but it's well worth it.  We had the place all to ourselves, where we could have a fire as big as we wanted and be as rowdy as we wanted (we took full advantage).  Kelly wasn't feeling too hot though and went to bed early, so Colin, Ian, and I just raged until pretty late/early.  We hiked off away from the fire so we could see all the stars and got to watch the moon rise over the canyon, which was absolutely gorgeous.  I finally got sick of listening to the two of them bicker of vegetarianism and went off to bed only to freeze my butt off - it was in the 30s all night, but luckily I didn't go to bed until almost morning, and the sun turned my tent into an oven once it came up.
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photo by: karos4