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 Once again we were graced with good weather, although it was a bit chilly! A perfect morning for some mountain climbing! Since we had the morning to ourselves, Nadean and I slept in late the met up with some others who were thinking about going to the summit of Mount Misen. We really wanted to see some of the monkeys rumored to dwell up there, but unfortunately we didn’t see any! And after all that climbing too! Everyone else paid two thousand yen to take the ropeway up the mountain, so it was only Nadean, Amanda, and I who decided to hike it. It was really tough! The steps to climb up were huge and steep, we had to stop every five minute to catch our breath! We practically ran back down the mountain once we’d gone as far as one could—actually, we did run down one part hat had no steps so it was just a steep decline. After accomplishing that we felt refreshed and energized and ready to take on anything! So we decided to take on the shops and do some last minute perusing and buying.

to get up the mountain.
I bought my parents a cute little tea set that is black and red with little cherry blossoms on them.

We then said goodbye to the beautiful island of Miyajima and hiked to the ferry station, all of our bags in tow. Even after climbing the mountain this morning, I wasn’t worn out and was one of the first to the ferry station—not that it was a race or anything! Everyone just seemed t be complaining even though they hadn’t climbed a mountain or had to carry a heavy backpack!

On the train from Miyajimaguchi to Hiroshima, a bunch of young women got on dressed in really pretty kimono with their hair all done up. I had forgotten that today was coming of age day, but that was why they were dressed up! They were all twenty year olds celebrating! They let us take their picture and then they took our picture too! I was so envious! I suppose in America our equivalent is probably Prom, when the girls can get all gussied up, but since I didn’t go to my prom I’ve never gotten to have an experience like that! Well hey, maybe I should come back to Japan next year since I’ll be twenty then!

We got to Tokyo late in the evening and were worn out from the day’s activities so Nadean and I went to bed after getting to the 7-11 down the street and hitting up the ATM there. Tomorrow is our last full day in Japan! I think we are going to go back to Asakusa to do the rest of our shopping!

Oh! And tonight I saw a street racing car for the first time on this trip! It was kind of cool but it would have been cooler if he had been actually racing!


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to get up the mountain.
to get up the mountain.
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