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The Three Sisters from Echo Point lookout

Ey up all,

Well, I have gotten out of Sydney - the Great Escape as it were. Although Sydney is a lovely, lively metropolis I feel that it was just not for me. Coming away to Aus was an act of liberation and exploration on my part and I have decided that I really need to go with my gut instincts while I am here and do what feels right.

So... This morning at 8.30am I signed out of the Backpackers HQ and hopped on a train up to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

Oh my...

What a beautifull, wonderfull, awe inspiring place. Just my cup of <instert favoured hot beverage here>. The scenery is amazing and the week that I am here will give me ample time to make full use of my new hiking boots (merci Mum & Dad!) and the digital camera.

Me, hat askew, looking apprehensive - could it be because of the HYAWGE drop?!

I got off the train and meandered on down to the Blue Mountains YHA - a well kept, modern hostel which appears to have a little more life to it than my previous digs. Checked in for a week - $180 not a bad price I thought! - and then took a 15 minute stroll down to the tourist information centre at Echo Point overlooking the Three Sisters rock formation and the start of several hiking trails down through the valley. My breath was taken away. The sheer raw, timeless beauty of this place is staggering. I cannot wait to get my sack on my back and go hike those trails, go see those places that I have been reading about in the travel books and websites. To experience first hand the magnificence of this half tamed wilderness.

For the first time since being in this country I feel truly excited at the prospect of waking up in the morning and going out and doing something that I know will make me feel happy to be alive. Roll on 7.30am tomorrow! :) Methinks my many years in the Cubs and Scouts will come in handy this week, I have already invested in some maps of the area and will be purchasing a compass first thing tomorrow.

I fear that this is the end of this particular entry as I feel a pub calling and beers shouting "Drink me Matthew! Drink me!"

Over and out for now readers.

Chemster says:
Lost?! Im never ever lost! I know exactly where I am the majority of the time - unless of course ive been at those strange mushrooms again! ;)

First thing I did was invest in a map chook, no need to worry, I was a boy scout ya know! :)
Posted on: Oct 03, 2006
lisalush says:
Please be careful and don't get lost xx
Posted on: Oct 02, 2006
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The Three Sisters from Echo Point …
The Three Sisters from Echo Point…
Me, hat askew, looking apprehensiv…
Me, hat askew, looking apprehensi…
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