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Aloha Readers!

I have just got back from my first ever jaunt to Bondi beach. "How lovely" I hear you cry. I awoke this morning at 6am to the sound of drunken tomfoolery in the street outside the hostel, I suppose it serves me right picking my digs in the Red light district of this ebullient city but I was not greatly appreciative of such an early call, especially after having consumed several ales last night. C'est la vie. The early bird catches the worm as the saying goes. So, after cooking myself some breakfast - full english sans the black pudding (do they even DO black pudding here? such a shame if they do not - you Aussies dont know what your missing, hmmmmmm pigs blood!) - and ironing my washing from yesterday I girded my loins and hopped on the train to Bondi.

As a little aside, the train system here is a JOY! I do so wish that rail networks in the UK would pay a visit and appreciate how well the service runs! :)

So after a short train / bus hop I arrived at about 10.30am to see breakers peeling in at about 3 - 4 foot and the beach already thronging with the great unwashed hordes. After a liberal application of sun screen I took a stroll along the promenade, my aussie bush hat not quite compensating for my lack of a top hat, monnacle and cane ;) I walked right the way to the far end of the bay and got some nice snaps on the digicam of the panorama - the bay itself is beautifull, as are the majority of the people inhabiting its warm, milky sands. After having a little paddle and almost loosing one of my new flip-flops to the tide I was at a loss as to what to do next - I had not brought my swimming kit with me and after dipping my pinkies into the water I wasnt going anywhere near it without at least a rash vest - Whats going on there then? I thought that the waters around here were supposed to be balmy, shark infested wave producing machines not icy cold, shark infested wave producing machines?!

Thankfully a piece of advice from the one, the only Lisalush provided me with a lovely way to spend the rest of the morning - the coastal walk.

Basically its a trail that runs right up and around the headland taking in all the bays along the way. Complete with excercise stations for those of you who feel the need to sweat more than is natural in such a climate. Many such passed me as I meandered along, admiring the great views, the cool sea breeze and the numerous topless sunbathers along the way. The stroll along to Bronte Beach took me just under an hour and I was relieved to see that Bronte was definatley not as crowded as Bondi. I am a solitary person at most times and massing crowds irk me, it was nice to take my bottle of water and book and go and laze on an out of the way piece of sand for a couple of hours, watching the bodyboarders do their thing to the crash of the waves. I then had a lovely BLT sandwich from the beachside cafe and hiked on back up over the cliffs back to Bondi.

All in all a very enjoyable way to spend a morning - many thanks to Lisa for the advice on getting the hell out of Bondi and heading to the more scenic and laid back beaches - I am indebted to you my dear :)

Pictures as and when I get them off the digital camera.

Over and out for now dear Readers.
lisalush says:
Fabulous! Bronte is lovely isn't it. I'm glad your having a great time!
Posted on: Oct 01, 2006
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photo by: Sunflower300