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    Well, after my vain attempts to find inner peace and lead a good, religious lifestyle at Nan Tien I find myself back in Wollongong with one of two options open to me.

A)- I can head back to Sydney. or...
B)- I can hop on a train to Melbourne....

Now, which would you pick Readers?

Melbourne it is then - which is good considering that my friend Darren (Bilco to all those of you from Wales who know he and I!) and his girlfriend Alisha are currently living in Melbourne so the opportunity presents itself for a knees up in the other city who would claim to be the true capital of Australia... How will she compare to the beautifull Sydney... A very good question!

So, I head off to Wollongong station only to be told that because of work on the tracks I will have to take a coach to a place called Moss Vale near to Goulburn in the Southern Highlands. "Okay" says I and after spending two hours waiting in the pub for the coach to arrive - chatting to a Slaav, a Dutchman and an Irishman; Peter, Haan's and Kevin you were great company gentlemen and Kevin, thanks for showing me how to work the TAB system! - I rather tippsily ambled onto the coach and set off.

The coach ride up into the Southern Highlands was very picturesque, especially with dusk setting as we made the final asscent - looking down into the valleys to see the lights of the towns flickering against the dusk was magnificent to behold.

Pulled up in Moss Vale and then found out that I had ANOTHER two hour wait for the connection to Melbourne. Oh joy! More time spent in the pub! ;) This particular one being the Moss Vale Hotel which is right across the road from the railway station and does an absolutley joyous steak sandwich with chips and a pint for a very agreeable $10! I proceeded to while away the two hours in the pub chatting to the bairmaid and two locals by the names of Peter and Guy who introduced me to the joys of smoking Gudang Garam's - Indonesian cigarettes which are flavoured with cloves and cinnamon on the tips. If you are a smoker then I can recomend that you try these. Even if your not a smoker still try them, you may become a smoker out of sheer joy! (Disclaimer: disregard that previous sentance if your not a smoker. Smoking is BAD Mmmmmmmmmmmkay Children!) Both Peter and Guy had done a fair bit of travelling in their time and they both re-galed me with copious schooners of Calrton draught and tales of their travels throughout Australia and the rest of the World. I was most perturbed that I had to catch the train as I could have stayed far longer and got far drunker but hey, its a hard life sometimes! ;)

BOSH! back over to the station, I leaped from the platform, arms flailing wildly as the train began to pull out of the station - using my newly ninja'd reflexes, courtesy of my time at Nan Tien, I managed to grab on and haul myself over the roof until I could safely plop myself down through the toilet window and assume my seat in the economy carridge. Right in front of three Asians, one of whom seemed to be competing in the "lets talk all the way to Melbourne" championships. I mean come on.... Its an overnight train, people want to at leat try and catch a couple of ZZZzzzZZZ's and how much stuff can you actualy find to talk about for EIGHT BLOODY HOURS?! Readers, this lady could jaw. She could articulate herself with the best of them. I have no clue whatsoever she was saying and I wonder if her companions did either, they seemed to have come up with a system of dealing with her verbal onslaught - one would occasionaly engage her while she ranted, nodding their head or agreeing to something, whilst the other slept with earmuffs firmly planted on their head. These roles were alternated once every two hours or so so that they both could manage to get some shut eye - unlike the rest of the carridge's occupants who had to deal with this duracell bunny on amphetamines who just wouldnt shut up!

After sleeping fitfully I awoke with the morning sun shining through the window to the suburbs and approach of Melbourne. Can I just say one word... Tacky... Rubbish littered the train tracks, burnt out cars dotted the landscape, the buildings seemed to have survived a couple of good wars - only barely! - and the place seemed to be devoid of inhabitants. It seemed eerily reminiscent of the film 28 Days Later (Great movie. If you have never seen it get hold of a copy asap!) and I began to feel nervous, would Melbourne be inhabited by killer, flesh eating zombies, would I manage to find my friend, would I have to break out the old boomstick and emulate one of my all time cinematic heroes, Ash from the Evil Dead films... Hail to the King baby! Find out in the next installment readers...

Over and out for now.
Chemster says:
Haha! the residents down here would beg to differ chickadee! As much as I enjoyed Sydney I am liking Melbourne a lot! I find it a little more relaxed and laid back and the music scene down here is just GREAT! :)

I will be heading back to Sydney for November to catch up with some mates so we will have to have a knees up! :)
Posted on: Oct 22, 2006
lisalush says:
Take it from a Sydney-sider... Melbourne sucks ;) There's no rivalry at all between the two cities. Melbourne just knows its not as wonderful as Sydney.
Posted on: Oct 20, 2006
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