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Bronte Beach from the coastal path walk - Paradise lost?
Well, I have finaly managed to get here! After a period of six months toiling, saving and generaly doing anything, appart from selling my body, to aquire the cash to fund this sojurn, I have landed!

My excitement was tempered by the fact that my rucksack appeared not to have made the journey to the southern hempisphere with me - Good old British Airways! How they can manage to get us onto the plane - AFTER a 3 hour delay at that - and not load up all the bags for the same flight is beyond me. Methinks next time I fly it will be with some other airline. :(

So, after being left with $250, my day-sack containing a spare pair of pants, (always carry a fresh pair, you never know when you may need them!) my camera, a bottle of Canadian Club whiskey and a carton of cigarettes I had to make my way to some form of accomodation.
Opera House - Woooo purrrrdy shapes! :)

I caught a taxi up to Kings Cross, which is the red light district of Sydney and backpacker central, and managed to book myself in to the Backpackers Headquarters hostel. It seems nice enough, albeit a little run down - expect a full review after a few days. I slept like a log for 14 hours straight, and awoke to find the sunlight peeping in at me through the window and the Italian chap in the bunk beneath me farting loudly in his sleep - quite a sweet & sour combination to start the day! ;)

So, my first day in Sydney has been mainly taken up with trying to get hold of someone from Quantas or BA to ascertain the status of my rucksak - not an easy task let me tell you dear reader, after spending more than an hour on the phone in a que I finaly managed to get through to someone from Quantas who informed me that my bag still had not arrived from the UK (British Airways fear my wrath! May your baggage handlers be struck down with scrofula!) and would be there at the end of today. Needless to say this impressed me not at all. One bonus is that the bag will get delivered to my hostel free of charge.

So, all in all a bit of an up and down start to the trip. I am going to lurk in the hostel for the rest of the day and begin to plot out my course of action, hopefully my bag will put in an apperance at some point or other.

Over and out for now.

Eric says:
Posted on: Sep 28, 2006
Chemster says:
Hey folks, just to let you know that the bag has turned up and I have FINALY managed to have a change of clothes - they say clothes maketh the man and clean ones definatley put a whole new perspective on things. :)
Posted on: Sep 28, 2006
lisalush says:
Yay! You made it! The same baggage thing happened with me when I went home flying CHina Eastern Air... The airlines are meant to compensate you, i think its $40 a day. You have to do the chasing up but my stuff was missing for 2 weeks out of the 3 I was there.
Posted on: Sep 28, 2006
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Bronte Beach from the coastal path…
Bronte Beach from the coastal pat…
Opera House - Woooo purrrrdy shape…
Opera House - Woooo purrrrdy shap…
Harbour Bridge - Nuff said.
Harbour Bridge - Nuff said.
Some random artwork on a building …
Some random artwork on a building…
photo by: Sunflower300