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November 20th - After a horrible flight for Neil (because of his Bali belly) spending most of it on the toilet, we landed about 7am.  Once Neil decided he was ok to get a 30min taxi we went to check into our hostel Alfred Park where we had stayed before.  We were checked in and in bed by 10am as we were very tired.  Emma popped to the chemist first for Neil who told her Neil had Bali belly and if he got no better had to go to the doctors later that day.  She then went to bed as well. We slept for most of that day just getting up to get some food from the supermarket.

November 21st - Neil felt a bit better today, so after a lie in we went for a wander round the shops and to use the internet.  Neil managed to eat more today so luckily we didn't need to go to the doctors as they're expensive! That night we stayed in and watched a film in the room as we had a tv which was a luxury for a hostel dorm.

November 22nd - We checked out at 9am and then went to the cinema to watch Rocknrolla, it was really good.  We then had some time to lose so we just walked around and went on the internet.  We caught out flight to Darwin at 7pm and arrived their at 1am where is was 34 degrees!

November 23rd - We had a lay in this morning as we arrived late to the hostel last night.  The hostel was really good (although lots of cockroaches) and there seemed to be a lot of people staying there that were working. There was a big outside bar that was so busy which we both liked the look of.  The first thing we noticed when we got up was the hot, so we were straight into the pool to cool down.

  We also had quick wander round the town before heading back to our hostel to join all the other drinkers at the hostel bar.  There was a live band which was really good so we stayed there a while, meeting a couple of the locals.

November 24th - We had another lay in and a lazy day today.  We walked around the town a bit more but then went back to the hostel for  swim and to sit around the pool.  Today we booked a couple of trips for us to do aorund Darwin.

November 25th - We had our first trip today which was to Lichfield national Park.  The bus picked us up at 7.20am and firstly dropped some people off at a jumping crocodile cruise (we didn't do this as a bit circusy!) and dropped us off at 'the window to the wetlands' which was a sort of museum about the wetlands and a look out over them which was good.

  We then went back to pick up the others and went for lunch before stopping off to see some termite mounds which were so big they were unbelievable.  After here we went to a pool to swim in which was really good as it was so clear and there was a waterfall to climb up, which we did.  Around the pool were lots of trees full of bats which were quite scary and lots of greenery so we thought a crocodile might join us...but luckily didn't! It then started chucking it down so we ran back to the bus and headed to our next stop which was some more  waterfalls.  We weren't going to get out of the bus as it was raining but we were so glad we did as once we were in the falls it was amazing as we were just lying in them in the sun.  The current were quite strong so it was quite hard to stay still but it was really good.
  After here the bus took us back to our hostel.  That night we chilled out.

November 26th - We had a bit of a lay in as the man in our dorm snored and kept Emma awake, but luckily he left early each day to go to work so Emma could sleep then! We booked our return flights home today...a sad moment but felt we'd better before all the seats went.  Emma also booked a flight  to go up to Teeside once landed in Heathrow so she won't leave the airport. That will be very strange when we leave each other at the airport! After booking our flights we walked to 'Aquascene' which is where you feed fish when the shore comes in.  It was really good, you had hundreds of wild fish swimming round your feet (not sure what type) and you hand fed them bread.

  They nipped our ankles a couple of times, it was funny.  We stayed there for a couple of hours before heading back to the hostel for our tea and early to bed as up early tomorrow.

November 27th - We were picked up at 6.10am for our day trip to Kakadu National Park. We had to check out of our room before that as well as well as we were leaving that night. The first stop on the trip after a drive out to the national park for a couple of hours was to look out over the vast plains and mountains from a viewpoint which meant a 10 minute hike. The weather was so hout, it reached 46 degrees that day, but it was well worth the effort for the views, although there were a lot of fliess which did get very annoying by the end of the day. We then visited a site where we were able to look at various aboriginal rock paintings and artwork, it was fascinating looking at pictures drawn thousands of years ago.

The coach driver was our guide for the day so he spoke to us and expalined a lot for about 40 minutes before we were back on the bus and drove to a Billabong (basically a waterhole in a field) where they had spotted a crocodile a couple of days before but we didn't see it. We then stopped for lunch before going on a boat cruise on the Yellow Water in the afternoon where we must have seen 10+ crocodiles in the wild and a massive array of birdlife. We then headed back to Darwin and were dropped back at our hotel about 8pm. We had some dinner and chilled out for a while ebfore being picked up at 11.50pm back to the airport for our 1.25am flight back to Sydney.




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photo by: Sunflower300