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July 9th - Last night we had a mexican night in the hostel, there were about 18 of us and we ate fajitas and drank lots of tequila.  It was good fun and we were up until about 3am.  We slept in today as we were feeling a little rough until about 4pm! We decided to go for a walk as nothing was open as today is Independance day in Argentina.  We walked to a square in the town that was packed with lots of people playing football and volleyball.  We watched the football matches, Neil wanted to join in but couldn't speak spanish to ask them! We then went back to the hostel and watched a film before going to bed still feeling rough.

July 10th - We checked out at 10am and got our bus to Iguazu at 12.45pm.  We had quite good seats upstairs but unfortunately there was no sound on the films that were being shown as there was a problem with the system so we went 22hrs without any films.

  They also turned the lights off dead early at 6pm for about an hour so we chatted in the dark! Time passed fairly quickly as we played cards (Emma won). We arrived into Iguazu at 10.30am the next morning.

July 11th - We walked to the hostel from the bus station and checked into our room which is nice and big.  The hostel has a big kitchen and communual area as well as a swimming pool (with no water!).  We both had quite a lot of sleep on the bus so we went out to buy our bus tickets to go to Rio de Janeiro in a couple of days.  When we got there they told us that there were no free seats until next thursday (17th).  This is because we want to go with an Argentinian company as it about half the price.  After thinking about it for a while we booked it, we got the last 2 seats on the bus and not sat together but infront of each other.

  Neil is quite pleased to get some peace!!! And so is Emma!!!  we went out for a walk and got some lunch and looked around the town which is small but really nice like a little resort.  It is very green and the weather is hot so we're looking forward to chilling out here for a few days.  That night we met the others in the hostel Kate, Adam and Liam and played poker with them and the hostel owners.  We all put in 2 pesos each but Neil wished it was more at the end as he won.

July 12th - we got up early this morning to get a bus at 9am to go to the brazilian side of the falls as recommended by valerie the owner of the hostel.  The bus stopped at the argentinian immigration on the way and waited for us to have our passports stamped but it did not stop at the brazilian immigration so we thought that we were in the country illegally!!  Luckily when we got to the falls the information desk told us that this was normal as the brazilians are really slack with immigration.

  We walked the 2hr trail and were amazed at the falls.  It was a panoramic view.  Along the trail there were lots of racoons which looked funny!  You walked out onto a platform nearer to the falls and got very wet but this was very worth it and got lots of good photos.  We sat and had our packed lunch before catching the bus back.  There was a bird park to go to nearby but Emma wasn't keen as flocks of birds come and sit on your head and shoulders! (Pigeon-itis!).  We got back to our hostel at about 5pm and decided to cook dinner with the others which became a regular occurance for the next 5 days - shephards pie, carbonara, stir fry, bbq and steak.  It was very cheap for us all to chip in and eat (about 1.50 each including lots of red wine).
  That night we had a darts tournament and everyone was amazed at how good Emma was.  They thought that we were hustlers!  We got quite drunk this night, especially Neil who snored lots after finishing off a litre of wine, vodka and bottles of beer!

July 13th - We were on the bus by 8.30am to go to the Argentinian side of the falls.  We were in the park by 9am and took the advice of a guide and walked the 2 trails upper and lower (1hr and 2hrs) around the falls before visiting the main photo point of the falls.  This side of the falls is incredible and we much prefered it to the brazilian side as you walked much closer to the falls as you are above and underneath them.  We took a boat to San Martin which is an island between the argentinian and brazilian side which has 3 view points which were all different.

  One had hundreds of birds that looked like vultures as they were massive.  Emma didn't stay here long!We then caught the train to Devil's Throat which is the most impressive fall.  Surprisingly we met neil here from the hostel in Mendoza and he was glad to see us as he had had his camera stolen so he could get pictures from us through facebook. We ate our lunch walking along to avoid the racoons which savaged some peoples lunch!  At about 2.30pm we were going to do the  Macucu trail which takes 3hrs but as we had more time here we decided to take the option of coming again tomorrow for half price, so we caught the bus back to our hostel and sat round the pool(which is filling up slowly) in the sun.
We again stayed in the hostel tonight and played darts and got very drunk (we are not alcoholics don't worry but the wine is cheaper than water or pop!).

July 14th - We slept in until midday and then caught the bus back to the falls (although Neil was feeling very rough!) to do the Macucu trail.  This is a 3hr trek through the forest (jungle) to a small waterfall which hundreds of years ago used to be the main fall of Iguazu but they have moved down river due to erosion.  The trail has lots of warnings as there are wild animals such as big cats, monkeys, snakes, spiders and coatis. We only saw coatis which look like large guinea pigs and some birds but it was a really good trail and both enjoyed it.  we sat by the waterfall for our packed lunch and had the place to ourselves.

 After doing the trail we got the bus back to our hostel and sat in the sun by the pool.  We were planning to all go out to a bar tonight but had a night off the booze and watched a film.

July 15th - We had a really lazy day chilling round the pool (nearly full now) and watching films.  At about 5pm the 5 of us walked to the viewpoint where you can see Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina meeting across the river.  It was a perfect time as the sun was just setting. After taking photos we went back to the hostel as the owners were doing a bbq and setting up a bar outside.  Again we planned to go out but before we knew it, it was 2am and we had drunk lots of cocktails.

July 16th - Our last full day here and we have just been sitting round the pool reading.

 Today the pool was ready to swim in (although it looks a horrible dirty colour, but that is just the dust off the sides) and Neil was the only person who dared go in as it was freezing as well. We are now writing this in the hostel and are all cooking steak later for our last meal in Argentina.

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Puerto Iguazu
photo by: jeffy