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January 5th - We got up after a bit of lie in and then drove to Chapel Street which is the trendy part of town with lots of vintage shops and expensive clothes.  There were also cafes everywhere which all seemed full.  It was a great part of town to wander round for a few hours and people watch.  We stopped off for one drink and sat in the sunshine but then headed back to Irene's to have our tea and chill out until we went to pick up Kevin, Neils friend from home. from the airport at 10pm.  On the way back from the airport we got very lost!  A journey that was meant to take about an hour took about 2 hours!  We did have an atlas but Neil kept thinking he recognised the area, then Kevin would distract him by talking lots then we just got more and more lost! It was quite funny, when we managed to get back we had a few drinks with Kevin and then went to bed.

January 6th - We all got up at about 10am and drove to St Kilda.  It was really sunny and we sat on the beach for an hour.  The beach was getting busier and busier as the day went on and looked like people were going there on their lunch break (what a life!).  It looked like Kevin was getting burnt as he was getting redder and redder so we left the beach and drove to the Docklands for kevin and Neil to buy their tickets to go and watch football that night, Melbourne V Adelaide.  While they did that Emma went for a shop around the Docklands as a shopping centre had just been opened.  That night Kevin and Neil went to the football match and Emma stayed in and watched a film.

  Neil thought that the standard of the football was very poor, as the teams are meant to be the best in Australia.  He thought that it was like watching division one football at home. The score was Melbourne 1 - 0 Adelaide. 

January 7th - We got up early, packed and tidied Irene's flat as we were leaving.  We also popped down to Hampton to get some flowers to leave for Irene as she has been so kind letting us stay in her home.  Once it was all spotless the three of us drove to Frankston to extend the car hire until we left Australia - it cost 200 for 7 days. We then drove to Portsea which is on the Mornington Peninsular to the 'Portsea pub' which had been recommended to us by Zoe and Rich, it was really good and overlooked the bay but it started raining unfortunately so we had to sit inside, it was good food though.

We then drove to Sorrento which is an expensive area of the Mornington Peninsular, had a wander round then we went to look at a property as Kevin was interested what he could get for his money in Australia.  We then drove back along the coast in the direction of Mount Martha where we would be staying for the next few days.  We stopped off in Mornington on the way for a wander and then went to Martyn and Lisa's.  Martyn is Kevin's friend who emmigrated to Australia 15 years ago.  His house was amazing! It was massive and had a swimming pool and full tennis court, it was on 2 floors and us 3 had the bottowm floor to ourselves with its own bathroom. Kevin had a bedroom and we slept on a bed in the games room, next to the table tennis table, pool tabl and table football! There was alo a small bar down there as well.
We hd dinnr and then sat around with a few drinks and played on the Wii with their two sons, Tom who was 7 and Ned who was 11.

January 8th - We had breakfast and Martyn had taken the day off and Lisa went to work in their Deli which is their own business. We had a drive around the peninsula and around all the wineries before heading up to a lookout point at Arthur's seat where we had lunch overlooking the bay. After lunch we went to a couple of wineries for some wine tasting and to a brewery for some ber tasting which was a great way to spend the afternoon! On the way back towards Martyn's we stopped at a new harbourside development and decided to have a look around a couple of show apartments which were beautiful. It turned out that by the time we left Marytn's a few days later they had decided to buy one of the units jointly with Lisa's parents for them to move into.

We went back to the house to pick up Lisa and all went out for dinner in Mornington at an Italian restaurant which was a bring your own alcohol place so we took a couple of bottles of wine. We treated everyone to dinner to thank them for letting us stay.

January 9th - The two of us left at 9.30am in the hirev car and drove to Irene's to meet up with Andrew and 'the kids' for the day. Irene stayed at home as she had some things she needed to do but the rest of us went in Andrew's car and drove to the Dandenong mountains to a small place called Emerald to visit Andrew's sister in law. We had a walk to the village and went in the playground before going back to the house for a bbq as it was a lovely day. After lunch we caught a steam train called Puffing Billy to Lakeside which was a lovely place in the forest where we stopped and had ice creams before getting the steam train back.

We then left and drove back to Irene's as we had been invited to have dinner with all of her family which turned out to be great fun as they were all so nice and very typically Italian, and the food she had made was great. They were about 18 people in her house. After dinner we left there and drove up to St Kilda and parked our car outside Zoe & Rich's place. We caught a taxi on our on as they had already left and we met them in a bar in the city where they had met friends but it was very quiet there and most people left very early so the 4 of us went to another pub and met up with some of Rich's mates before we went back and stayed at their flat.

January 10th - We got up early and said bye to Zoe & Rich as that was the last time we would see them and drove back to Mount Martha.

Us and Kevin played cricket was Tom, Ned & one of their friends on the tennis court before we had some lunch. It then turned into an all day drinking session as their friends Rick & Ally came round and so did Lisa's parents. We had a BBQ, played more cricket, table tennis, killer pool and all ended up getting fairly drunk!

January 11th - We got up and had breakfast and had a chill out morning. Kevin gave Neil a lift to Frankston station so he could get a train into the city and Emma stayed at home for the day. She played lots of sports with the boys in the garden and had a swim in the pool. In the evening they had dinner and she watched a film with the boys and Lisa. Neil went to the Belgian Beer Garden to meet Gossy who played for his football team but left the UK on 1st Jan 2008.

They had a few beers and it was really good to catch up and talk about Asia as he travelled through Asia for 8 months before getting to Oz. It was a really hot day and the place as packed with a live band in the garden. He left there about 6.30pm and caught the tram to the MCG where he was meeting Kev, Martyn & Rick for the 20 20 cricket match between Australia and South Africa. He was the first one there and the match had started before the others turned up. It was a really good match which the aussies on and it was great sitting there and having a few beers. Kev had driven the others up in our car so after we went to get the car and decided to go to the Crown casino, the biggest casino in the southern hemisphere, for a couple of beers and some food.
On the way there Kev cut up a black Lambourgini and when we looked Shane Warne was driving it with Mark Waugh  in the passenger seat. The casino was amazing and from there we drove back and got back to Mount Martha about 2am.

January 12th - We were up quite early and borrowed Martyn's sat nav and set off for Phillip Island. The drive was a couple of hours and the first place we stopped at was San Remo where we had a walk around a few shops trying to find something for lunch but decided to head on and crossed the bridge onto Phillip Island. We first stopped at the Tourist Information centre and got a map and bought our tickets for to go and see the penguins that night. Phillip island is famous for its 'Penguin Parade' which is wear every night at dusk you can go and watch the smallest species of penguins in the world walk across the beach from the sea and back into their natural habitat for the night.

From the tourist information centre we headed to a chocolate factory across the road where we had some lunch in their cafe and Neil then had a chocolate covered frozen banana. From here we decided to go and find some accommodation for the night and found a place quite easily not far from the penguins. It was a camping site that also had 'very' small cabins to rent so we took one of them, the walls were very thin and it had two bunk beds but it was our own space and fine for us. We then drove to a walking track where we did a 30 minute walk through forest and mangroves before driving to Cowes which is a town on the beach. We had a walk along the beach before going to get some drinks and food and then drove back to the campsite and sat out in the sun for an hour. We cooked in the campsite kitchen before we headed off. We first went to a lookout point which was nice before driving to the penguins site. We were there about 8pm and the penguins usually come in after 9pm so we had a look around before going out to the seating areas on the edge of the beach, it was a really cold night. The penguins finally started showing about 9.30pm and we sat and watched them make their way across the beach for about 40 minutes, it was great to see, they were so small and were quite wary of the thousands of seagulls on the beach as well. We then walked around the tracks where their dens are and got a really close up view although you can't take photos. We headed back to our 'little' cabin and had a couple of drinks before going to sleep.

January 13th - We were up and showered early to get back to Mount Martha for our last full day in Oz. We drove back via Mornington and went into the Westpac bank to close the bank account we had opened in Brisbane.We then went back to the house. Kevin was ready so we headed straight out with him and first went to the beach at Dromana. We parked up and had a couple of hours on the beach, it was a really hot day. We had some lunch and Kevin popped into an estate agents and we ended up going to look at a property just around the corner. We then drove to the other side of the peninsula and went to a 'back' beach where there are waves compared to the other side that is sheltered by the bay. We had another couple of hours on that beach which was beautiful before driving back to the house. We both had a swim in the pool before going out for a really nice Chinese meal as Kev's treat in the evening. We had a few beers on the balcony back at Martyn and Lisa's before going to bed.

January 14th - We were up at 8.30am and finished packing our stuff. We left about 9.30am and said bye to Martyn, Lisa and the boys. Kev came with us in the car to the airport which took a couple of hours. Kev left us there to drive back and return the hire car. We were quite early but were able to check in and had some lunch. It turned out that our flight was cancelled to Sydney but they put us on a flight 30 minutes earlier so we had a bit more time when we got to Sydney.Our flight to Bangkok was on time and took 8 hours 20 minutes. It was a new plane with screens in the back of seats and loads of films etc so the flight went quite quickly. We arrived in Bangkok about 11pm local time and although our taxi driver got a bit lost we finally arrived at the hotel and were in bed by 1am.


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