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February 15th - Last night we arrived after midnight to our guest house and went straight to bed.  The guest house was called Roof View Place and it was fine, with clean rooms and bathroom and a tv which was good.  Today we slept in to catch up on some sleep and then got a taxi to Siam Square.  We needed to sort out our camera and memory card as a lady had told us there was a virus on the card in a Kodak shop and that is why we can't transfer any photos fom the camera to a computer.  We took it to a Sony shop and a man spent about 45 minutes sorting it out and now it is fine.  He was fantastic and didn't charge a penny which was great!  After sorting this out and wandering around we went back to our guest house for a night in and early night as we had to be up early for the airport tomorrow.

February 16th - We left at 6.30am by taxi to go and pick up Dan from the airport.  He came out about 7.30am and then got a taxi back to our guest house.  It was great to see Dan but he was quite tired after his flight and desperate for a cigarette! We all had breakfast at the guest house and then went for a wander about nearby.  We were really close to Koasan road so we walked around there, and it seemed totally diffderent than on a night as it was much quieter and there seemed to be shops.  We had some lunch and the lads had a couple of beers and then we went back for a sleep before our night out.  We are in a 3 bed room which is very cosy! At about 8pm we got a taxi to the Patpong district as we thought that we should go and watch a famous 'ping pong' show as Bangkok is famous for them and a big tourist attraction even for girls as they're not seedy just funny! A man showed us in saying there was no cover charge and we sat down.

  On stage there was about 3 girls in underwear trying to dance but weren't really moving and were all not very good looking and  a quite big lady firing ping pong balls from her womens bits!  Dan was trying to kick them back, it was very funny! A lady boy then came on stage and was doing some very energetic dancing and another lady was blowing out candles through a straw from her bits.  A tough looking lady then came to our table demanding a cover charge, which we refused to pay as the man earlier said no charge.  A couple of other people came over and got angry with us not paying and then a lady plocked a tray full of ping pong balls saying Emma should have a go if we're not going to pay...we quickly paid and left!  We then got a tuk tuk to Koasan road and had some drinks and street food.
  The lads both had Chang towers which hold 3 litres of beer and Emma had cocktails.  The night ended with us watching a live band for a couple of hours who were dead good and then we stumbled back home after a really good night.

February 17th - We all felt a bit delicate when we woke up but we got a taxi to Siam Square about 12pm and had some food and then we got the skyrail to the river to catch a boat to where the Grand Palace is.  We didn't go in the palace again but looked all around as there was lots of stalls and locals doing there shopping, it was a great atmosphere and some really strange looking things being sold.  You really couldn't tell what a lot of the food was!  That night we went back to Patpong for a drink and to the market, Dan bought a 'Rolex' watch and Neil bought Emma a 'Diesel' watch, we then went back to bed.

February 18th - We got up and got a taxi to the airport for our 11.25am flight to Surat Thani, which took about an hour, and then we got a bus to Dansak which took about 1.5 hours to catch a boat to Koh Samui.  At the port we caught a mini bus to Chaweng beach and the lady in charge dropped us at a guest house she recommended.  It seemed quite cheap and clean so we checked in, this time Dan was in a separate room than us as he thought it was a bit 'cosy' the 3 of us in a room! That night we headed to the beach as we'd heard there were some bars down there and luckily there was a beach party going on so we all laid down at a table, it was such a  good atmosphere with good music blaring out and fire shows near the water.

  There was lots of children trying to play connect 4 with you to earn some money, which we thought was a bit wrong as they shuld have been in bed asleep but Dan had a game with one and got beaten badly twice! There was also men walking around with big snakes, monkeys, lizards and a massive bird for you to have a photo with.  Emma hated this as they just kept coming up behind you and plonking an animal on you but luckily we didn't get targeted in the end! We had a fab night and it was quite chilled out as we were lying down all night on sun loungers.

February 19th - We checked out at 12pm and moved down the street to a bit cheaper accomodation of 10 pounds a night between the 2 of us.  Dan stayed at the 14 pounds a night guest house but it was virtually next door.

  We then headed to the beach and stayed there all afternoon as it was lovely weather and Dan wanted a tan! That night we had some food, drinks and played pool.

February 20th - Dan moved to our guest house today as the rooms were practically the same as his and then we went to the beach although  it was a lot hotter today so we had to stay in the shade most of the time.  After staying there all afternoon we went back to have showers before having our tea at an Italian restaurant, as Emma fancied not having rice or noodles for a change! After eating Neil walked Emma back to the guest house and then she stayed in for the night watching tv while the lads went to watch Muay Thai. She didn't want to watch fighting but they loved it, it started about 10pm and went on til about midnight.

They sat quite near the edge of the ring and had a few beers. It is a very viscious sport and there were quite a few knockouts after people got elbowed in the face! After that they had a few beers in a strip of bars outside of the stadium before heading over to an area called Green Mango which was a lively area with a few bar/clubs. They stayed there until about 3am, pretty drunk before getting on the back of a moped and heading home.

February 21st  - Emma met the lads down the beach as they were both feeling a bit hung over so they got up a bit later than her.  It was really hot though so we went straight to get some lunch and to be near a fan! After lunch we got a taxi to 'Football Golf' which we had read about on flyers and the lad were really looking forward to, especially Neil.

  We got there and it was terrible!  It was just a small place where you had to tap a football into the different holes, just like crazy golf.  We thought that it would be much bigger and we would actually be kicking the football quite far like at golf, it looked so bad that we quickly left without playing.  Luckily our taxi was still there so we went straight back to our guest house, with Neil very dissapointed.  It was our last night in koh samui so we went for a bbq, which lots of restaurants do on their fronts and always look really good.  We had the cheapest option while Dan had a massive plate full of different bbq'd meats, it was unbelievable.  Emma couldn't believe that he ate it all!! We then had a drink on the beach before going back to bed as we were all stuffed with food.

February 22nd - We checked out and got a taxi to the boat for our 10.30am crossing to Koh Phangnan.  We had bought a ticket that takes us to all the islands and then back to Bangkok by boat and bus which was really cheap compared to flying back, and the boat was a catamaran so it was quick.  We got o the pier and rang our accomodation to pick us up as they had said the previous day that they would, they said they'd be there in 10 minutes which was good.  We waited and the thai people at the pier said that they wouldn't come as it was a different pier to the main one so we called them back and they said they weren't coming after all, and to get a taxi, so we did! The hotel was really nice, with a pool that overlooked the ocean and the rooms were great.

  Dan splashed out and got a fantastic balcony bungalow with aircon overlooking the sea and we got a fan bungalow for a third of the price, but it was fine.  We wandered around after dropping our stuff off and had some lunch, and straight away all of us loved it more than koh samui as it was less commercialised.  That night we watched football in a bar, then sat on Dan's balcony until the early hours.

February 23rd - We stayed at the pool all day todaychilling out and admiring the fantastic views.  Early evening Dan and Neil went to hire out quad bikes (ATV's) for 24hrs and went for a practice drive nearby with Emma holding on at the back of Neil.  They were easy to drive but both were a little nervous at first, especially as mopeds seem to dart from all over!  That night it was a 'Black Moon Party' but we decided to save money and just sit on Dan's balcony all night with Emma drinking buckets of Gin and tonic and Dan and Neil drinking Mekongand coke which is the local drink.


February 24th - We all got up for 11am and drove into the hills on our quad bikes.  It was great fun and without realising we drove the whole distance top to bottom of the island! The scenery was fantastic and it was great driving through the little towns on the way, which obviously were not touristy at all, so a real eye opener.  At one point our quad stopped as it had run out of petrol and Dan and Neil had to go off and find some to bring back, but luckily there was a place not too far away.  There was no where on the bike to say how much petrol you had or the speed you were going, which was a bit stupid! We then drove down the coast stoping off at different beaches on the way for a drink, food or just to relax.  All the beaches were beautiful and most had bungalows on them or a couple of bars.

  We got back at about 5pm and dropped the quad bikes off, and went straight to our pool to cool down as it had been a hot day.  After a shower we then went out for some food and a drink and back to dan's balcony again!

February 25th - We got a taxi at 7.30am to our boat at 8.30am to Ko Tao.  At the pier amazingly Emma bumped into her university friend Nick Tuck and his girlfriend Maz.  We couldn't believe it!  They are travelling for a month before settling in Adelaide as they are emigrating there, so they were at the start of a big adventure.  We arranged to meet up for some drinks the next night.  When we got to the isalnd we got into the back of a truck which took us to sairee beach.  We left Dan at a bar while we looked for somewhere to stay which took ages! We found some for 10 pounds a night for a bungalow with a fan, they weren't great but needed to find somewhere cheap! We then went to the beach, which was so nice, with white sand and clear water, we swam and layed in the shade (as it was 43 degrees!).

  Neil went in the sea on his own and then he shouted for emma to get some tissues as he'd been cut.  She quickly went to get some but they soon realised it was very deep and he'd better get it looked at.  We went to the clinic which was luckily nearby and they said that he needed stitches.  At first we thought they were just trying to get money out of us so Emma looked at the wound but realised it was very deep and thought she could see bone.  The doctor gave him 6 stitches, bandaged him up and Neil went straight to the pub for a deserved beer. We were impressed at how quickly Neil was looked after and how professional they were, and Emma thought it was hilarious that a ladyboy nurse was looking after him! It cost 3200 BHT and we can claim it on our insurance after 75 pounds so it will be fine.
  Later on before going back to our bungalow we watched the sunset, which we all thought was one of the best we've seen and took lots of photos! Later on we went to a small makeshift bar by the side of the sandy street and drank samsang buckets and met a lovely thai couple that had excellent english, we then went to the beach to a bar that was packed and had a great atmosphere with loud music and fire shows.  Neil and Emma went home about 1.30am and left dan to carry on the night.

February 26th - We got up not too late as it was so hot in our bungalow, it was like a sauna! We went to the beach and had a lazy day.  Emma and Dan hired out snorkles and saw lots of fish and coral right near the beach. which they loved while Neil went to get his toe cleaned by the nurse.

That night we wnrt to meet Nick and Maz at a bar by the pier, but didn't stay there long as it was quiet and so we got in a truck back to where we were staying.  We went back to the bar from last night on the beach and drank lots of buckets and Emma caught up with her friends, it was a good night but Nick had to leave early as he drank too much but we carried on until it was finished.  It was a really good night.

February 27th - This morning we moved to a bungalow on the beach with air con as we were so hot in our other bungalow.  We paid 1500BHT between the 3 of us and it was so nice as you could walk 2 steps and you were on the beach.  Emma laid on the beach while Dan and Neil went for an oil massage nearby, where they got naked unlike the traditional thai massage.

 They loved it! That night we all went for some lovely food at a cool restaurant that was on the beach and you laid around the table so it was very relaxed. 

February 28th - We got in the back of a truck at 9.15am for our 10.30am boat to Chumpnon.  Today was going to be all day travelling so none of us were in the best of moods! We paid an extra pound to be able to sit in air con and it was worth it for the 1.5hr journey.  At Chumpnon we got a bus for 4hrs to huahin which seemend to take forever but we had lots of leg room so it was good, although Dan didn't and he was very annoyed! We then got another bus for 3hrs to Bangkok, arriving at about 8.30pm.  We checked into our guest house which we had booked on the internet and it was horrible, as it was like a prison cell.

The rooms were so small we could hardly fit our backpacks in it and the bunk beds were really narrow they were unbelievable.  As it was so bad we quickly went out, walking over lots of cockroaches on the way by the front door, and went for a drink and some food in Patpong which was a 5 minute walk.  Dan bought us our food which was kind of him. WE then walked back to our cell for an early night as Dan had to be up early the next day for his flight.

March 1st - Dan knocked on our door at 5.30am to say bye and after having a few more hours sleep we got a taxi to Roof View Place which is where we stayed last time in Bangkok.  We didn't want to stay in the prison cell again! Neil was feeling very ill, with what seemed like food poisoning so he went to bed for a few hours to try and slepp it off.

  We then walked to ko san road for him to get his toe cleaned and re-dressed and to take soem food back for our tea.  Unfortunately Neil was feeling no better and Emma was a bit ill too, so we had an early night.

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