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yay... the boarding passes!

Yay, we made it to Lima and have found a great place to stay!!!

Funny journey to get here.  We slept in, which was fantastic, and then headed for our fav place in Cusco (a French/Peruvian bakery) for breakfast.  During breakfast Dave was practicing his best Spanish to get a good deal to the Airport.  We had paid $30 soles the day before, so wanted a better price today.  We decided that 10 Neuvo Soles (about US$5) would be a fair price, so he practiced...

¿Cuánto cuesta ir al aeropuerto por favor? 

then came the reply from the taxi driver ... ¨cuatro soles¨ ... thinking he needed to bargin the guy down, Dave said... ¨diez (10)?¨  The taxi driver then pulled out 4 soles to show us how much he was going to charge! ... lol ... We ended up giving the guy 10 soles cause it was a nice trip and that was how much we decided it would cost in any case... cheap at the price, especially for the entertainment!  Our Spanish is getting real good huh!

We arrived at the airport 3 hours early to ensure that we had a ticket, given the stress yesterday.  The woman behind the counter looked at our tickets (the ones purchased down the dark alley), tapped away on her computer, looked at the tickets again... and then asked us to wait a moment.  OH NO! ... She went out the back, with our passports to get some help... whew, it turned out that she was new at the job and needed some help to sort our seats, as we weren´t seated together and she was trying to seat us together for the flight.  As she handed our boarding passes we high fived!  Yay, we were going to Lima.

We took a moment to write, in English, the situation with Air Condor... ´Airline gone bust and no point visiting the office in Cusco - closed down´  The sign for their office in Cusco was even gone when we drove past this morning.   

Three hours later we went to go thru security... unfortunately Dave had his pocket Knife taken when when it was spotted on the bag check!  A bit sad given that he has had it for 20 years... a lesson to remember to take all that kind of stuff out of carry on! it is so easy to forget the details sometimes.  Still we headed down the runway and onto the plane. 

Whoops - people in our seats.  Then three more people came and had the same problem... the also had the front row seats... so now there were 10 people for 6 seats! ... more breath holding and finger crossing that we would actually get to Lima.  The cabin crew sorted the whole thing out.  The people in the seats were moved to their rightful seats in row 4 and we finally sat and buckled in for the flight. 

So now onto the next, and final, bit of our trip.  Two and a half days to explore Lima...


davesue2008 says:
lol maybe just a little but read the next blog and see what you think.... Dave
Posted on: Jun 27, 2008
drksecret says:
Sounds like your Spanish haggling skills need a bit of work! LOL :-)
Posted on: Jun 26, 2008
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yay... the boarding passes!
yay... the boarding passes!
photo by: rsvpme