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Today we were all up at a half decent time and did some walking around the island, checking out tours and diving places. Unfortunately with all the rain the island has got over the last couple days, most people were saying that the visibility wasn’t the best and to wait a few days for it to clear up before going diving. Around 3pm or so we ran into Will and Hannah and they suggested doing this tour of the islands that they were going to be doing tomorrow so we went and booked it since we hadn’t really done any actual tours or anything since meeting up in Koh Tao. Later in the day when I was on the internet I got an email from Jordan saying he was out of the hospital in Bangkok and was going to be in Koh Phi Phi with his dad later tonight and wanted to meet up before heading home in 2 days. I gave him the name of our place and told him to either meet us there or at Tiger Bar or Reggae bar later in the night if we weren’t at the room.

Around 5pm we decided to go check out the Viewpoint which is 400+ steps up and takes about 15 minutes to climb but offers amazing views of Koh Phi Phi. Bernie had done it in his adventures by himself the other day so he decided to stay back at the room instead. The rest of us set off in search of the start of the climb and we thought we had found it so we started walking up this huge hill which was paved and had like a cobble sidewalk type thing. It took us about 20 minutes of walking before we ran out of road and came across this huge water reservoir in the middle of nowhere. We figured we had gone the wrong way right after the start of the walk but figured we might as well follow it and see where it ends up and although the giant reservoir was cool, it wasn’t the viewpoint. We left pretty quick since it was getting dark already and we wanted to get back to the main road before we couldn’t see anything but we vowed to look for the viewpoint again another day.

After the walk Will and Hannah went off on their own and the Irish guys and I went back to our room and had a shower and got ready to go out for the night. We decided not to drink tonight because we had to be up early and although we didn’t leave the room till 10:30pm, we didn’t plan on staying out that late either. We looked around for Jordan since he didn’t show up at our room but we couldn’t find him anywhere. We ended back at Reggae Bar and watched the amateurs go at it in the ring like we had a couple nights ago and it was pretty lame cus most weren’t even making it the full 3 rounds are most were even worse than we were. One highlight though was watching one of the girls fight that we had met in Koh Tao and ran into again here in Koh Phi Phi. Now this girl is a pretty small blonde English girl and the girl she was fighting was about double her size but she managed to have a pretty good fight and ended up with the decision after 3 rounds! After that fight it really started to die down so we decided to just call it a night and head back to the room. I thought it was pretty good, we had to be up at 7am and we were in bed by 1am rather than 4am like most nights!

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