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Well we didn’t stick around long at the hostel in the morning, we got up and checked out immediately to head to the other hostel on the other pat of the island. Luckily they gave us a little refund for having extra gas in the tanks of our scooters and after short taxi ride we were back in Hat Rin at the Same Same lodge. We got ourselves checked in and unpacked all of our stuff before heading down to the beach for a little sun since I was dying to just relax on the beach for the day. I think we spent probably 3 or 4 hours at the beach just reading and relaxing and luckily the sun was out in full force so I managed to get a little bit darker in that time. After the beach Jordan found a tattoo shop that he really liked and since he had been planning for a while to get a tattoo on the trip he decided to book an appointment for the following day to get a traditional Thai tattoo done with bamboo sticks and needles rather than the normal tattoo gun. He wanted me to get a tattoo with him but I didn’t really have anything in my mind that I wanted and the tattoo places I Asia don’t seem like they’d be the most sterile places to get a tattoo.

Later in the day we ran into Celia and Victoria and talked with them for a little bit before going in search of some western food since I was feeling a little under the weather and wasn’t really feeling like local food. I was actually feeling a little under the weather since Patong but everyday it seems to be getting a little worse which isn’t a good sign. After some pizza we went back to the hostel to chill out for a while and try to get caught up on some of my blogging. Eventually we decided to get ready and go down to the beach for a bit and see what it was like at night since we didn’t really check it out the night before and people were telling us all day that the beach was pretty fun at night.

When we got down to the beach we bought ourselves a bucket which is basically a Mickey of alcohol mixed with a red bull and a pop. I opted for the original bucket which was Vodka and red bull and for $9 they seemed like a pretty good deal. You could get some cheaper ones as well but I was in the mood for Vodka so we sat down on some chairs on the beach and started drinking our buckets. We eventually got talking to this guy from America that was living in Ko Pha-Ngan for the time being cus he just opened up a bar/hostel with a buddy of his and had been working his ass of trying to get it ready so he could finally relax. He seemed pretty cool and I promised I’d try to get a room there if I came back for the full moon party in late June. A few minutes after talking to him we got talking to a group of girls from Denmark who invited us to play a drinking version of the game Uno. I hadn’t played Uno in years but I caught on pretty quickly and within a game or two I was always fighting for the win with this girl named Tina that always seemed to have one up on me. We sat and watched all the beach festivities like the fire throwing and the balloon game in which everyone can participate for a free drink and what they have to do is get a balloon attached o the back of their foot and everyone has to try to stomp on the balloon and break it. The last 3 with a balloon get free drinks and the winner gets a free bucket so we watched that as well while playing Uno which was pretty fun.

Eventually our group grew a little and we all decided to go into the Cactus bar which was right beside us on the beach and there we spent the rest of the night dancing and having a good time although the Thai prostitutes started to show up around 2am or so, so we decided to call it a night and went back to our hostel to get some more sleep in preparation of the half moon party tomorrow. One weird thing though was that about an hour or so before we left I was starting to feel a little sick to my stomach and when I got back to my room I ended up throwing up a little bit. It’s very unusual for me to throw up and I wasn’t really drunk or anything so I started to wonder if anyone put something in my drink. I think it was a little unlikely since I only threw up a little and there were no other issues but it was still a little weird.

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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica