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It took 7 hours or so and two flights, one from Tawau to Kuala Lumpur and then one from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket but we finally made it to Thailand. With Bali and Borneo eating up a couple extra days we were a little late getting to Thailand since we missed the Full Moon Party on the 19th but at least we were finally hear and ready to get back to the beach life again. I’ve planned to spend between a month and a month and a half in Thailand so I’ve got lots of time to really see everything and get to all the islands and beaches. Our first stop is Phuket and we had a great impression before we even left the airport. In the customs line we were greeted by a guy from the US that has been living in Phuket for 4 years and wanted to know if we wanted to split a taxi with him into town to save some cash. The guy seemed honest enough and we had to go to Phuket town to stay the night anyway so why not save some money and split a cab. Before we knew it we were in the taxi and we were picking his brain for tips and tricks to have a good time in Phuket and other parts of Thailand without getting screwed by anyone. It was about a 45 minute drive into town so we got to know each other pretty well and by the time we got into town we had already made plans with him to go out to a pub and have some drinks later. Eventually Ryan(the guy we met) had to get out so we continued on down the road to our destination, the Phuket Backpacker Hostel.

After getting settled into our dorm room(which was pretty damn nice I must say) we did our regular exploring for a good hour or two and got some eats before heading back to the hostel to use the internet and hang out. We had to meet Ryan at 9pm at O’Malley’s Irish Pub so when it was time to go we grabbed the directions from the hostel and started walking, luckily it wasn’t that far and took us only 10 minutes or so to get there. Ryan showed up a few minutes later with a bunch of his friends(mostly English teachers as well) and before long we were all downing beers and played a 9-ball tourney that the pub was having that night. I was kind of chocked though, I got knocked out in the first round after basically knocking every ball down just to screw up on the last ball and have my opponent sink it for the win. Oh well, we all had a blast and they had some cool stories from living here in Phuket, they even showed me this cool video they made of the rocket festival they went to this year and it looked like sooo much fun.

I’ll admit that I managed to down pretty close to 10 beers and 2-3 shots in the 4-5 hours that we were there so I was a wreck leaving the place. I don’t remember a whole lot from about 12am or so and although I don’t remember any of the walk home, he said I was freaking hilarious and that it was the worst drunk he has ever seen me. I probably should have mentioned this earlier but we also drank a quarter of a 40oz bottle of Bacardi before we even left our hostel which probably wasn’t the best idea now that I think about it. It’s weird though, normally I get to a certain point and then I just kinda stop drinking so that I never get too drunk but for some reason that switch was broken tonight and I ended up in pretty bad shape.

When we got back to the hostel I remember grabbing my EEE and going down in the common room to watch TV and talk to some friends online before going to bed but as you can probably guess, the conversations didn’t really consist of anything that made any sense other than the laughs from my friends at my typing skills and I didn’t make it back to bed either, I ended up passing out on the common room couch. How classy.

lovely_lori88 says:
haha that sounds like such a fun night! i bet you were hilarious to watch! it was good to catch up on your blog...can't wait to read more of your adventures! have fun!
Posted on: May 31, 2008
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photo by: Aclay01