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Today we got up at a half decent time and spent the better half of the morning getting caught up on our blogging and such before doing some more exploring of Jakarta. We decided to get our flights booked to go to Singapore since we weren’t really enjoying Jakarta as much as we thought we would so we went on the Lion Air website to see what was available. We ended up finding a flight to Singapore for 11:15am on the 11th which was perfect so we booked that but when we went to pay we found out that in order to pay online you had to book 48 hours ahead of time. They do however give you the option to pay at an ATM or the Lion Air office so we went exploring for an ATM.

We found an ATM but when we put our card in the machine there wasn’t any option to pay for a flight or anything so we got a taxi to drive us to the Lion Air office. We spent close to an hour in the office trying to explain that we needed a ticket and that the ATM payment option wasn’t there but no one seemed to be able to understand what we were talking about so we eventually gave up and decided to just stay a few extra days in Jakarta since then we could pay online.

Rather than take the taxi back to our hostel we decided to walk around and got to see the last erection which is a pretty cool monument stationed in a beautiful park just out of downtown. It was close to 5pm when we got home and found that we had missed a call from a fellow TravBuddy (Alex) that we had planned to meet tonight for drinks.

I called Alex back and he offered to help us when we met up since he knew the ATM system pretty well and figured he’d be able to get it to work. We agreed to meet between 9-10pm at our hostel for drinks and then go to Stadium around 11pm which is supposed to be one of the best clubs in the world according to some of the articles I have read.

After dinner we met up with all the Canadians from the night before as well as two Dutch girls and had a few drinks at the hostel while waiting for Alex to arrive. Alex managed to find the hostel around 9pm so we went to the internet café and did the reservation thing again since our last one had expired. Again when we went to the ATM though, our cards wouldn’t work and we were about to give up for the second time when Alex said he’d try his card to see if it made a difference with a local card.

Sure enough the option to pay for the ticket popped up so he offered to pay for the ticket if we gave him the cash. I’m still shocked at how nice Alex was and how grateful we were to meet him cu within a few minutes our flights were paid for and we were set to leave in the morning rather than 3 days away(that would have been the earliest flight after).

On our way back to the hostel we ran into the Dutch girls from our hostel at a bar around the corner and decided to it with them for a bit and have some drinks before heading to Stadium. Unfortunately Alex wasn’t feeling 100% so he decided to go home for a bit and told me to give him a call if we decided to still go to Stadium later. We thanked him again and again for helping us and promised to call him if we still went out to Stadium later.

We spent close to 2 hours in this local bar and managed to consume quite a few drinks before deciding to head back to the hostel to see what everyone else was doing since the bar was kind of loud and it was tough to hear each other talk. On the way back to the hostel we grabbed a few drinks at the Circle K(Mini-mart) and figured we’d play some drinking games back at the hostel for a bit rather than going to Stadium since we met a few people on the street and they told us not to go since it was all just cheap prostitutes and drugs at that club. They suggested we check out X2 or Dragonfly so we figured we might check one of those out after some drinking games if we felt up to it.

We managed to spend close to 3 hours playing drinking games like sociable’s and fuck the dealer and since we weren’t really in the mood to club anymore we decided to all jump into one of the scary looking tuk-tuk type cars and go for some exploring throughout Jakarta.

For just over $4 all 4 of us road in a tuk-tuk for nearly an hour and a half, we got him to stop here and there to take photos of different sights and such.

Before we knew it the 4am prayer was going off and we decided to call it a night since we had only 7 hours until our flight. I must say it was a pretty fun night in a town that I honestly don’t think I would like to come back to, there was just too much poverty and prostitution for my liking. I’m sure my opinion will change about Jakarta when I get into some of the more improvised parts of Asia but Jakarta was definitely a real eye opener for us. The people were honestly really nice though, especially locals like Alex that are willing to go out of their ay to help you even though you’re a total stranger!

yheleen says:
thank you TB :)
Posted on: May 14, 2008
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