Travelling to Chiang Rai for the night on our way to Laos

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Today I was up at 10am to meet everyone for breakfast but we ended up splitting into two groups so I went with James and Johnny to Bee Bees restaurant just down the street from Julies cus we’d really liked their food and the owner was super nice to us. During breakfast I basically decided that I wasn’t going to stay another night as I wanted to get moving so that I didn’t have to cut any more time out of Laos than I already had. After breakfast I made my way over to the post office and was able to mail home all of my diving books that I had built up from all my diving courses as well as all the gifts that I had bought for friends and such that I didn’t have room for in my bag. I checked out of Julies at around 3:30pm and said goodbye to everyone working there as well as all of the people I met which was almost everyone at Julies since I had been there for so long. I hopped in a tuk-tuk and got him to drop me off at the bus station where I ran into Lawrence and Natasha just like I had told them I might do if I decided to leave today. We all got our tickets to Chiang Rai and by 8pm we were standing in front of the Chiang Rai bus station. It took us a little longer than expected to find a place to stay as quite a few were either full or stupidly expensive but eventually found what seemed like a half decent place about 5 minutes down the road from the bus station.

After having a quick shower we decided to go to the night market which looked pretty good when we walked by it on the way to the hotel and then grab some food since we were all getting pretty hungry. The night market was a little different than the one in Chiang Mai but I didn’t really see anything I liked and plus I had just mailed all my stuff home so I wasn’t in a hurry to fill up my bag again with souvenirs and such. After the market we went to this huge outdoor food market to get some eats and I ran into Dor who was a guy from Julies that we had hung out with a few nights and had left earlier in the day to go to Chiang Rai. Natasha was feeling kind of tired after dinner so she decided to go back to the room while Lawrence and I figured we’d go walk around for a bit and maybe hit up a pub to relax in before going to bed since it was still pretty early. We walked through the red light district of Chiang Rai since Lawrence hadn’t really seen anything of the sort on his trip so far. It was only a block or two long and was pretty tame compared to Patong but he still got a kick out of all the girls trying to drag him into the bars. We ended up walking back down the road towards our hotel and found an English Pub that we decided to have beer in before heading to bed. We spent a good hour or two there and then went back to the room to get some sleep, we didn’t know what time the bus was leaving for Laos in the morning so we figured we’d just get up around 9am or so and hope a bus was leaving around that time that we could jump on.

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Chiang Rai
photo by: Pearl510