Summary of May 28/29/30/31 and June 1 in Ko Pha Ngan, not the greatest days of my trip

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Well I got a little behind on my blogging so I’m just gonna do one entry for the last 4 days in Ko Pha-Ngan. Most of the 28th was spent recovering from the half moon party, unfortunately the power went out on the whole island so our fan wasn’t working and that made sleeping a little difficult due to the heat. Jordan’s foot was extremely sore today and the swelling seemed to have doubled overnight. One really crappy thing though is that I couldn’t find my Ipod touch today, I remember putting it on Jordan’s bed next to his Ipod and a bunch of other things including my laptop when we headed out to the half-moon party the night before and for some reason everything else was there this morning except my Ipod. I tore the whole room apart and couldn’t find any trace of my Ipod anywhere. When I asked Jordan where he put it when he got home and cleaned off his bed he said that he saw it and set it on the floor but that was when he came home around 3am during the Half moon. I asked around the hostel and no-one had seen it either so I was pretty pissed about that, I guess that’s what I get for not putting it away but it makes no sense to me that it would get stolen and not anything else.

On the 29th I decided to take it easy and just relax at the beach all day while Jordan spent most of the day at the tattoo shop since he had got to know the guys there pretty well and he even decided to get an extra bit added onto the tattoo he got a couple days earlier. I didn’t really do anything too crazy that night as I needed a break from the drinking for a couple days. Plus I was still fighting the little bit of a cold that wouldn’t seem to go away so I figured some rest might help.

On the 30th I stayed at the beach all day again and when nighttime came around, Jordan and I decided to bring some cards down to the beach and get a drinking game going. Within about 5 minutes we had a group of 9-10 of us playing various drinking games and having a good time. We met some girls from Ireland that were absolutely crazy once they started drinking, they got really out of control and by the end of the night they were fighting amongst each other and they both ended up getting burned trying to jump the burning jump rope that they have setup on the beach. We also met 2 girls and a guy from Holland that were a blast to hang out with and ended up spending most of the night with them. It was a pretty good night and we all ended up watching the sun come up which was pretty nice from the beach.

On the 31st we slept in a good amount since we didn’t go to bed till almost 7am that morning. Once we were up I decided to go to the beach while Jordan opted to hang out at the tattoo shop for most of the day. Later on in the day we decided that it was time to move on to Koh Tao which is another island close by since I was kind of sick of the nightlife in Koh Pha-Ngan and all the drugged up people that you’d meet at night. I went to a diving place that was for Koh Tao and inquired about diving and found out that there was a boat leaving for Koh Tao at 2pm the next day so Jordan and I agreed to catch that boat and then go diving with Crystal Diving Resort in Koh Tao since I had heard pretty good things about the place. Later that night I went out with Jordan but by about 1am I was ready to go to bed and ended up leaving Jordan at the beach cus he was having a good time and wanted to stay out a little longer. I reminded him before leaving that we had to be ready at the hostel by 11am in order to checkout and catch a taxi to the ferry. Everything seemed pretty clear and he agreed that he’d be up to leave in the morning.

The morning of June 1st I woke up and noticed that Jordan wasn’t back at the hostel yet and that I had slept in a little myself and had to hurry in order to get checked out on time. I got all my stuff packed up and it was about 11:30am when I finally made it out of the room. There was still no sign of Jordan but they said we could leave his stuff in the room for 30 more minutes before they had to clean it. I decided to go down and talk to the girl at the Dive shop to confirm that we’d still be catching the taxi there as long as Jordan showed up and she said it was all good as long as I let her know by about 12:30pm so she could have the taxi pick us up at 1pm. I went back to the hostel for 12pm and there was still no word from Jordan so I had to take a garbage bag and put all of his stuff into it and bring it into their storage so they could clean the room. When it got close to 12:30pm I really started to debate just leaving for Koh Tao and emailing Jordan from there to tell him to come meet me cus I didn’t know where the hell he was and I was really ready to move to the next island. I figured he’d have a good excuse for not showing and that he could just catch the boat tomorrow anyway. I ended up talking myself out of leaving without him and decided to stay just incase maybe he got into some trouble or something and needed my help. I spent most of the day exploring the island by myself and didn’t hear anything from Jordan at all, no-one that I ran into that knew him had seen him and I even checked my emails to see if maybe he sent me a message but I had nothing from him at all. I checked back with the hostel very couple hours and they had seen or heard nothing from him all day.

When 7pm came around I decided to check back into the hostel again in our same room just incase he came back and decided that I would leave for Koh Tao in the morning with or without him. I went out to dinner and watched a movie before going down to the beach to see if anything fun was going on down there and to see if maybe Jordan had found his way back to the beach. I spent most of the night on the beach and wasn’t really enjoying it too much cus I was really starting to get worried bout Jordan so I went to the tattoo shop(which I had done periodically throughout the day) but they hadn‘t seen him either. The English guy that works at the shop decided to take me around the island to some of the popular ;laces he knows and see if maybe someone had seen him but again there was o luck so I ended up just going to the internet café to check my emails again and then I was going to go to bed. I had told my parents about the whole ordeal and they were getting worried as well and wondered if it was best to check with his parents to see if they had heard anything but I didn’t want to get them worried too early so I told them we’d give him till the morning and then we’d get in contact with his family. Just as I was leaving the internet café, guess who comes walking around the corner? My first reaction when I saw Jordan was relief to see him ok but immediate reaction after that was anger and I let him know that I wasn’t happy at all about him not showing up to leave and not even letting me know what the hell was going on. In all my travels I have never had someone just disappear like that and I wasn’t happy at all, especially since he didn’t really have a great excuse either, just that he was out with some friends and decided to not show up this morning. When we got back to the room he decided to go out to the beach again and I told him that if he didn’t show in the morning that I was leaving without him but he assured me again that he’d make it this time. I worked on my blog for a bit before going to bed, Jordan wasn’t back yet when I went to sleep around 3am.

lovely_lori88 says:
oh no!! sorry to hear about your ipod and the situation with jordan...hope everything works out well for you!
Posted on: Jun 15, 2008
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