Seeing Wat Phra That Doi Suthep and the Tiger Cubs!

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Like usual we managed to sleep in a little but when one of the guys went down the street at 10am to let the tuk-tuk driver know that we’d be a little late, the driver wasn’t there. We decided to eat breakfast and then head down to see if he was there and sure enough he was as drunk as ever and ready to go. Today he was even more drunk than the day before but thankfully he knew this and told us that his brother would be driving and that he’d be the passenger this time. It took us around 45 minutes or so of really steep, winding roads but we finally go to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep which is on the mountain top surrounding Chiang Mai. We agreed to meet back in 1 hour so he could take us to the Tiger Park where you can see and play with real tigers inside their cage. The hour went by really quickly as there was quite a lot to see and take in. There were monks everywhere you looked which is a totally new experience for me since I’d maybe seen one or two monks before in my life. I’ve been really looking forward to getting the chance to talk to a monk but unfortunately mot of the monks at this temple looked busy and I didn’t want to disturb them. The temple offers an amazing view of Chiang Mai from up on the mountain and I’m sure watching a sunset from here would make for some great pictures. When we came down to meet the tuk-tuk we found the drunk passed out and had the hardest time waking him up. You kind of had to be there to understand but it was soooooo funny, we got more videos of that whole ordeal and I can’t wait to post them! Luckily his brother was still driving anyway, so it didn’t matter how drunk the other guy was.

From the temple we went to go see the Tigers at the Tiger Park since we had heard rally good things about it and none of us had ever been able to touch one before. When we got there we got to see a couple go into the cage with the big tigers and right as soon as the guy went to pet the tigers back, it flung it’s head around and tried to bite his arm. I don’t think the tiger did it to do any real harm or anything, more like a playful bite but sine the damn things are so big it still managed to leave 2 big scratch marks which started to bleed a tiny bit. It was really sad to watch the tigers though with the people cus anytime the tiger would move, one of the trainers hit it in the face with a stick to get it to stay still. It was at that point that we almost left but then decided to at least go in and see the baby tigers since they could do much harm. Unfortunately the baby tigers were sleeping at the time so we went and got some food at the restaurant first and then got to go into their play area to see them. The girl that took us into their play area kind of laughed at us cus she said most of the time it’s only little kids that go to see the babies, not 5 full grown men but we didn’t care cus we thought they’d be cute. Sure enough they were soooo cute and we got to play with them for close to 30 minutes which was pretty cool. The babies were already starting to get big but they didn’t bite hard at all so it was like playing with a big puppy.

From there Nagle, Sean and Bernie wanted to stop off at the shooting range so we stopped off there so they could let off a few rounds. Milky didn’t have much interest in paying a stupid amount of money to fire a gun and I’d already done it at home for way cheaper so we just watched. It was starting to get late so we got the driver to drop us back off at Julies so we could get ready to go out for the night. Once we were all showered and ready we grabbed another tuk-tuk to take us to the night bazaar and spent a good 2 hours walking up and down the streets through the market. From there we got a quick bite to eat and called it a night since we didn’t really feel like going out to any of the bars or anything.

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes