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As per usual with the Irish guys, we didn’t wake up till close to 1pm so most of the day was already shot but Sean and Milky made they’re way to the beach and Mark rented a scooter for the day to see if he could find the friends he was supposed to be meeting in Patong. Bernie spent most of the day with Ashley(guy) and Charlie(girl) as they woke up an hour or so before us and left us a note saying they’d be back sometime later. Nagle continued sleeping and I spent quite a bit of the day wandering around Patong, looking through shops and stores for gifts to bring home but I must be picky cus I couldn’t find a damn thing. Later in the day I was sitting in an internet café when a friend from Calgary walked in with his girlfriend(Will and Hannah)! I knew they were in Asia but I hadn’t talked to Will in a few weeks so I had no idea he was in Thailand, let alone Patong. It’s seems like such a small world when that happens and I was excited to see a friend from back home since I’m starting to miss my close knit group of friends back in Calgary. Anyways, they were planning to stay a couple nights in Patong and then head to Koh Phi Phi so I told him to message me when he wants to meet up for dinner or drinks and we’d go from there since they had a day trip booked for tomorrow and weren’t planning to go out tonight. When I got back to the hotel Mark was waiting in our room and told me how he got pulled over twice while driving around on his scooter and had to pay a 300 Baht fine for not having a license and the police made him walk to the police station to pay the fine which was over 2 km’s away! I kinda laughed because in all the crap he had went through during the day, he still didn’t find his friends so he’d have to try it again tomorrow.

We didn’t leave the hotel to go for dinner till close to 10:30pm due to a few slow movers but we ended up at a restaurant pretty close to the main road and had a quick meal there before heading over to the bar where we were to meet Marlyn and Penilla. Luckily when we got there Penilla was there and had my camera out ready to give to me when I showed up. I guess she had quite the laugh going through our pictures from Koh Tao. Unfortunately Marlyn was feeling a little under the weather so she had to stay at the hotel but we all hug out like we did the previous night and played the hammer game until the row of bars closed at 2am and then went with the Thai people again to D-Club to play some pool and do a little dancing. I think it was around 4am when the club closed down and sent everyone home so we said goodbye to Penilla and the English couple since they were all leaving at 9am to catch flights out of Phuket, sucks to be them having to get up so early. Overall we had a pretty good time and although I thought we were going to be leaving in the morning to head to Koh Phi Phi, the Irish guys decided they wanted to stay one more night since they were having a blast and I couldn’t really complain because I must admit I was too.

lovely_lori88 says:
yay im glad you got your camera back!
Posted on: Jun 25, 2008
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