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Today we decided to rent scooters and see some of the 300+ Temples in Chiang Mai. I don’t remember all the names of the different temples but I think we managed to see 12 or so throughout the day as well as the 3 kings monument. At one of the temples we got to talk to a monk and ended up having a 2 hour conversation which was really good, I had been wanting to talk to a monk since I got to Asia. Monks are so well educated that they seem to have extensive knowledge on just about any topic you could bring up and I’d really like to talk to more monks along the way as they truly are great people. We lost Sean by accident after one of the temples when I took a wrong turn and the rest waited for me to catch up. Sean wasn’t paying attention I guess and by the time I caught up he was gone and we couldn’t seem to find him anywhere. Eventually we just gave up and figured he’d find his way back to the guesthouse if he wanted or else we’d run to him somewhere along the way. Eventually once we figured we’d seen enough temples we decided to go back to the guest house and sure enough Sean was there but said that he’d had a good day exploring around and thankfully wasn’t upset at all that we got split up.

At Julies guesthouse where we were staying you could play pool for free so we played pool for a couple hours and in that time managed to meet a few Canadians, a couple Germans and a couple Dutch who were all planning to go out tonight so we told everyone we’d meet them at 9pm and play some drinking games before going out. Tonight was Sweden vs. Russia in the Euro 2008 and it wasn’t going to be on until 1:45am so we figured we’d go out and then find a place to watch the game since I wanted to see Henrik Larsson play since he came out of retirement to play for Sweden. When I was standing by the main reception I heard someone talking about doing a visa run and that you should wait till the last day of your visa to do it so I decided to take a look at my passport and realized that my visa runs out the day after tomorrow so I had to book a visa run to Myanmar for tomorrow morning or else I’d overstay my visa and have to pay a fine. It sucks though cus tomorrow is Sean and Bernie’s last day so it means that I’d only get to see them at night when I got back from the day trip visa run. Oh well, I want to spend some more time in Thailand to do some trekking so I had to do it.

Around 9pm we all met up and played fuck the dealer(drinking game) with around 12 people or so and stayed at Julies until 12pm when they made everyone leave due to the noise. It was Milky and Nagle’s last night in Chiang Mai so it was kind of our send off party for them and we were all going pretty hard on the Sang Som(Thai Rum). From Julies we went to Bubble Nightclub where we got to do some dancing and although it wasn’t that busy, we still had a great time doing the funniest dance moves we could think of. On the way there the tuk-tuk was so full that we had people hanging off the back and Sean ended up climbing on top of the tuk-tuk and was tuk-tuk surfing for most of the trip. At one point Nagle was throwing his shirt over random girls and dancing with them under his shirt which was absolutely hilarious. I still have no idea how they get away with some of the things they do, it must be their Irish charm or something. Bubble was getting ready to close at 2am and a bunch of people were going to a club called Spicy to watch the game so we all grabbed a tuk-tuk and headed there. Spicy was absolutely packed when we got there and you could hardly move on the dance floor. There were big screens through the bar playing the game and it was nice to be able to dance and watch the game at the same time. We spent the rest of the night there and unfortunately had to watch as Russia knocked Sweden out of the Euro. Sweden just didn’t play that well and Russia’s star player(Arshavin) was just too much for them to handle. Right after the game everyone spilled out into the streets and we got a good laugh watching all the white tourists stumbling away with Thai prostitutes and the odd lady boy. Sean went into the 7-11 and came out with the most random bag full of stuff, I guess he wanted to spend only 99 baht and didn’t care what he bought and for some reason bought seaweed treats, maxi pads, some kind of sausage thing, some kind of corn thing and a few other really random things. I couldn’t stop laughing cus Sean always seems to do something random like that in 7-11’s when he’s drunk. I think it was around 6am when we got back to the guest house and since I had to leave at 7am I wasn’t going to be able to get some sleep so I just stayed up talking with Milky and Nagle.

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes