One of the worst hangovers in my life after just one night in Thailand!

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Well today I woke up on the coach in the common area of the hostel with close to 10 people sitting all around me which was kind of awkward. I wonder how long they were all sitting around me and they probably thought I was a douche bag for passing out there. I then noticed that I had passed out with my laptop on and hadn’t even said goodnight to anyone so they were all like “wtf dude, did you pass out?” I also took a look through some of the message logs and oh man, I shouldn’t have been anywhere near a computer lol

It was only 9am so I went upstairs to the room and got all my stuff together and then came back down to start uploading some pictures and stuff from my trip since I had free internet and a half decent connection. I spent close to 3 hours doing this until I finally managed to get them all uploaded till Sipadan which I hadn’t even uploaded to my computer yet. I was happy to get everything uploaded and luckily they didn’t get mad at the hostel cus we were a little late checking out because of it.

It wasn’t till we left that I felt the true effects of my hangover and I must say that it was one of the worst hangovers I have ever had in my life. We managed to get a tuk-tuk to take us to a fast food place for some hangover food while on our way to Patong which is like the touristy/party capital of Phuket. The food helped a little but I honestly felt like crap all the way to Patong and even when we got to our hotel I went straight to my bed and laid down for a bit. We had wanted to go to some other hotel but the tuk-tuk guy suggested this place called the Ganong something I think and although we were skeptical that it would be any good, we actually liked it quite a bit and it was cheaper than the hotel we were originally going to go to. I guess it was one of those rare times where the tuk-tuk guy wasn’t trying to screw us and although he might make a commission off of it, we were happy he showed us the place.

After my nap I was still feeling like death but I figured we should go and explore a little before it got dark so we went out and spent the next 5 hours walking around and doing some shopping. One thing that was pretty cool was that we ran into this guy from Texas that we hung out with in Singapore which was kind of random. We did quite a bit of shopping and Jordan managed to buy a set of speakers for his Ipod so we could listen to it in the hostel and both of us bought some dry-fit shirts at a local sports clothes place. Dry-fit is like a polyester/spandex type material that is made for athletes and people that do a lot of working outdoors so it dry’s really fast and breathes really well so you don’t sweat as bad. I was happy to finally find some nice ones cus the cotton shirts I have been wearing have made me sweat like a pig almost everywhere we have gone.

It was close to 7pm when we got back to the hotel and after a quick 45 minute nap(yes I still felt like death) we got all showered up and grabbed some mix to be able to dig into the rest of our 40oz bottle of Bacardi. We did some pre-drinking and headed out around 11pm or so to see the nightlife in Patong that everyone was telling us so much about. Unfortunately though it started to downpour about n hour after we left and we were drenched from head to toe within about 5 minutes. We stopped into a pizza shop to grab some eats and hopefully wait out the storm and luckily by the time we had finished eating the rain had stopped for the most part.

It was starting to get a little later so we decided to check out a club called seduction I think it was and although the place wasn’t packed we still managed to have a good time and ended up not leaving till close to 3am. The club served Jagerbombs so we were pretty happy about that and had a few throughout the night. After the club we went back to the hotel to get some sleep as we had to catch a bus at 7:30am to get to Ko Pha-Ngan.

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photo by: darkinvader143