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Today we were up early again, this time to catch the bus to Semporna which was leaving the terminal at 7:30am. I grabbed a quick breakfast of 3 doughnut type things for less than $1 and grabbed a seat on the bus. Just minutes after we got on the bus, a couple girls from England sat down in the seats beside us and we spent the next 3 hours talking about our travels and stuff before the bus stopped in a small town for us to each lunch. It’s funny when we go to order in some of these small towns cus a lot of the time they don’t speak any English so you just have to point at some food and hope it’s good. So far that system has worked for me but today was not the case, I pointed at what I thought was chicken and rice but when I ate the first piece of meat I could tell right way that something wasn’t right. It turns out after close inspection and getting the opinions of the girls from England that I ate Chicken heart and that all the meat on my plate was actually tiny chicken hearts. After that I just ate the rice and vowed to inspect my food a little close from now on, at least I can say I’ve eaten a chicken heart now.

We got back on the bus and spent the final 3 hours of the trip reading and listening to our Ipods in between conversations with the girls from England. When we finally got to Semporna we hoped off the bus and said our goodbyes to the girls before going in search of the guy from Billabong Scuba that we had planned to do our diving with. Eventually we ran into a girl with a Billabong Scuba shirt on and she took us to the office where we got all the paperwork filled out and paid all our fees for the next 2 days of diving on Mabul and Sipidan Island. It ended up costing around $220 for 2 days of diving including all our transport, equipment, meals and accommodations. Since it was already 2pm we couldn’t start diving till the next day so we had to find some accommodations for the night so we decided to check out the Dragon Inn which was in the Lonely Planet book. Luckily they had beds still available and for only $3 we were able to get a bed in the 22 bed dorm room.

The only downside to this place was that the washrooms were the Asian style bathroom were you have a hole in the floor to do your business. We had managed to avoid them thus far in the trip but with no other washrooms around we were forced to give them a try and although we cheated cus we had toilet paper, it was still quite an experience haha. Basically how their supposed to work is you squat down by the hole and do your business, then what locals do is wipe with their left hand and then wash their hand with a bucket full of water that is beside the hole. Luckily we had toilet paper though so all we had to do was squat but even that feels really weird the first time you do it. After that fun stuff we went for a walk around Semporna to find some eats and managed to run into the girls from England so we all went for a quick snack since we were all a little hungry. At the restaurant we ran into a Dutch woman that was on the bus with us and was even at Billabong Scuba when we were filling out our paperwork so we invited her to eat with us and found out she’d be diving with Jordan and I for the next 2 days. After the snack Jordan and I went in search of an internet café since we heard there wasn’t any internet on the islands so we figured it best to email our friends and family to let them know we’d be offline for a few days. Before we left though we agreed to meet the girls from England for dinner at the same restaurant at 8pm since we liked it so much and wanted to try some of their other foods.

At 8pm we met the girls back at the restaurant and spent 2 hours eating and talking about heir trip around the world which was pretty interesting, it’d be nice to travel all around the world in one go. The only downside though is that you don’t really get to see much of the smaller places, only the bigger touristy type places. On thing that was pretty cool though was that they got to go to Banff and Calgary which is where we’re from so we thought that was pretty awesome. After dinner we had to go back to the internet café to get our flights booked since we didn’t have our passports on us earlier when we went. We said goodbye to the girls and exchanged emails since they’re not diving with the same company as we are but did find out that they’re going to the same place in Thailand as we are next so then maybe we could meet up for a drink or something there.

By 11:30pm Jordan and I were pretty tired so we booked our flghts and went back to The Dragon Inn to get some sleep and with everything closed there wasn’t much to do in Semporna anyway.

lovely_lori88 says:
lucky you had the tp...the other version does not sound so nice :S
Posted on: May 31, 2008
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