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This morning I thankfully woke up to Jordan packing so I was glad to see that he made it home on time and wouldn’t have to leave without him. We finished packing and checked out before heading over to the dive shop to book the boat to Koh Tao and our diving class with Crystal Dive Resort. There were quite a few options but we ended up deciding to take the Advanced Open Water course since it included free accommodations and the cost seemed reasonable. By 2pm we were sitting on the boat to Koh Tao and we got to talking to some Irish guys that Jordan had met the night before on the beach. It was hilarious cus they had only got 1 hour of sleep the night before so they looked like absolute death but they were still a laugh to talk to and by the time we got to Koh Tao they had decided to come to Crystal resort with us to maybe do some diving and hang out for a couple days.

It was close to 4pm when we got to Koh Tao and were checked into Crystal and even though the Irish guys decided not to do the Open Water course which is a 4 day course, they still decided to stay and do a 1 day discover scuba course and then just stay at the resort for a few extra days. The resort put us in rooms beside each other to make things easy and the Irish guys decided to go and lay down for a few hours before going out since they were dead tired from not getting any sleep. Jordan and I napped for a couple hours but Jordan’s foot was really hurting so we decided to go down and see if maybe there was a doctor around that might be able to suggest something. Unfortunately there wasn’t any doctors around so we ended up taking a cab into the next town and got into a 24 hour clinic where he was able to see a doctor and get some antibiotics. It was close to 9:30pm when we got back and I decided to go up to the room and relax while Jordan opted to go against his doctors advice and go walking around down by the beach.

I ended up falling asleep for a little bit and was woken up by the Irish guys at about 11:30pm saying that they were going out if I wanted to come. I quickly got ready and we did a search of the resort and the beach looking for Jordan but he was nowhere to be found so we decided to just leave without him. The Irish guys (Nagel, Bernard, Kevin and Sean) had heard of a beach about 15 minutes down the road where everyone goes at night so we started walking in that direction and ended up at a bar called Lotus that was pretty packed and looked like it was probably the best place to start our night. We had sooo many laughs that night as I haven’t really hung out with any Irish guys before and man do they have a great sense of humor. About half way through the night they all started calling me Leo as they seemed to think I look like Leonardo Dicaprio and by the end of the night it seemed to stick as others were now calling me Leo. Personally I think they’re crazy for thinking that I look like Leo but we had quite the laugh over it and the laughs continued all night as they started teaching me Irish slang and other crazy Irish stuff. It was about 2:30am or so when Lotus bar closed down so everyone traveled down the beach a little farther to Ban’s Bar which was even more packed than Lotus now that it was the only bar still open on the beach. Before we knew it we had all managed to drink 2 buckets each and a few beers as well so we were all feeling pretty good and the Irish guys were having a blast getting me to say things in Irish to random people throughout the night. It was about 4:30am or so when Ban’s turned off their lights so we decided to call it a night and head back to the resort.

When I got back to the room Jordan was sitting in front of the door waiting because I had the key and he had no way of getting into the room due to reception closing at 6pm. I could see that he was a little annoyed but he didn’t come back before we left and I had no way of leaving him the key. I was supposed to start diving at 9pm so I set Jordan’s Ipod alarm and prayed that it would work and have me up in time. Jordan was supposed to start with me but he got a note from the doctor saying he couldn’t dive so he was going to talk to them in the morning and try to get his deposit for the course refunded.

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Koh Tao
photo by: RyanCorrea