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Well we only managed about 3 hours sleep before we had to be up and packed to get on the bus to take us to Ko Pha-Ngan. First we had to take an almost 5 hour bus ride to the ferry in Surat Thani and then we had to take a 2 hour ferry to the actual island of Ko Pha-Ngan. The bus ride was pretty uneventful but it was funny to see how many people were hung-over from the night before(us included) and I must say that it really sucks to sit in a cramped mini-bus for 5 hours. Once we got to the ferry we had to wait around for an hour and a bit for the ferry to arrive and in that time we got to meet some cool people from Toronto that were going to Ko Pha-Ngan for their forth time. When the ferry finally arrived it had started to downpour and we all managed to get drenched on the short walk to the ferry. It’s really taking a lot for me to get used to all this rain and how hard it rains here.

During the ferry ride we met 2 girls from Toronto who were traveling together and they seemed really nice. We talked to them for most of the ferry ride and although we weren’t going to be staying in the same hostel we decided to all meet up later at their hostel and maybe do a little exploring of the island. When the ferry docked in Ko Pha-Ngan we were led to a mini bus that was going to take us to our hostel. See when we were on the ferry there was a guy that works for this particular hostel selling rooms and such and we decided to give it a try cus the rooms were pretty cheap and we got free transport into the part of the island and it normally would have been a $10 taxi ride so we figured we were ahead of the game even if it was crap.

Sure enough, when we got checked in, I think we ended up with the worst little hut they had and it wasn’t busy at all at the hostel. This hostel was really nice at one point and maybe if it was busier then it would have been a lot better but overall we weren’t overly excited about staying the night but at least we saved some cash and we could move to a better place tomorrow. Once we got all showered up and stuff we rented scooters and went driving around for a bit in search of Hat Rin which is the busier part of the island where they hold the full moon party and where the girls hostel was that we planned to meet at. It took about 25 minutes of driving round before we found the place and man was it a nice part of the island. There seemed to be people everywhere and there were shops and restaurants and resorts on every block. We decided to ask about the rooms at the place the girls were staying at called the Same Same Lodge and we were really impressed so we decided to book for the following night since it was the same price as the other place but in the nicer part of the island.

Eventually after walking around for a little bit we ran into Celia and Victoria and we spent an hour or so looking around before stopping for a late supper since Jordan and I hadn’t eaten yet. We hung out till about 12am or so and then decided to call it a night cus we were a little tired from lack of sleep but said that we’d see them around since we’d be staying at the same place starting tomorrow. Jordan and I rode our motorbikes back to our hostel and managed to get both of ours up to 100km/hour on a couple of the straight-aways which was a little scary. We didn’t even put a dent in the gas gauge though so we decided to ask for a small refund in the morning since we weren’t going to be using them for the full 24 hours. Anyways, off to bed we went and I think I had my head on my pillow for all of 10 seconds before I was out cold. Only 2 days till half moon party!

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Koh Phangan
photo by: alanmica