Nice relaxing day in Chiang Mai and meeting a bunch of great people!

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Sean and Bernie woke me up at 11am when they were leaving and I was still really tired so I went right back to sleep after and didn’t get up till close to 2:30pm. I decided to just relax for the day and then do a cooking class tomorrow since I had heard really good things about them from the Canadian couple I met a couple days before. I spent a couple hours writing my blog and ended up running into a German guy that was on the visa run with me and we played pool for an hour or so before he had to catch his bus to Bangkok. While playing pool I met a Canadian guy that was traveling alone and soon were playing pool and he was talking about going to the night market since it was his first night here so I figured I’d go with him and maybe actually get some gifts for friends back home since I hadn’t bought anything in all the times I’d been to the market.

Roland and I were hanging out talking to people and ended up forming a group of about 10 people that all wanted to go to the night market together. Around 8:30pm we grabbed a big tuk-tuk and headed down to the market for a couple hours. When we got there we decided to grab some food together and I ended up getting some Hong Kong noodles that were soooo freaking good. We sat and got to know each other for a good hour or so and in that time Roland and I managed to get in a big debate about many random things like sports that shouldn’t be in the Olympics and how the best woman’s team could never beat the best men’s team of any sport. We of course were just taking the piss and everyone had a good laugh so it was all in good fun but the debate did get pretty heated at some points. During dinner I found out that almost everyone except Rolland was taking a cooking course tomorrow but I was the only one taking it through the “Master Chef” while everyone else was taking it through “Pad Thai”. It wasn’t really a big deal though cus I’d heard really good things about my place and I figured I’d meet people there anyway. After dinner we decided to do some walking through the market and since there were so many of us we figured it best to split up and meet up around 11pm. Roland and I went off on our own and after some pretty good haggling, managed to get a few gifts for back home. Usually you could take the asking price and basically cut it in half, sometimes you’d only pay a quarter of the asking price! All night I tried to find a Holland shirt for the game tomorrow but didn’t have much luck at all. All I could find were the cheap jerseys that they wanted for like $15 so I just left it and hoped that maybe tomorrow I could find one. Holland and Sweden have been my teams throughout the Euro and now that Sweden was knocked out, Holland’s the only team I’ve got left. At 11pm we all met back up and grabbed a tuk-tuk back to Julies. Weiteke(Dutch girl) and Penny(Dutch/Australian woman) had managed to find some orange shirts for the game tomorrow but they didn’t say Holland on them so I wasn’t as upset that I couldn’t find a real Holland shirt as they didn’t have any luck either. When we got back to Julies we all kind of just went to bed, Rolland was leaving for a 2 day trek so I told him I’d see him when he got back on Sunday. I don’t have a proper alarm anymore so I asked Weiteke to please wake me in the morning if she didn’t see me in the common area by 9am since I had to meet the bus at 9:30am. I stayed up for a bit reading and working on my blog until I got sleepy and then I was out cold until the morning.

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes