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If I could have done last night over I think I would have ended the night slightly different. I didn’t bother setting my alarm on my Ipod cus the hostel had given us an alarm to use so that we didn’t miss our bus at 9am, what a mistake that was. We didn’t wake up till just after 9am so we unfortunately missed our bus to Kuala Lumpur and with no refunds or exchanges we were out the $25/ticket that we already paid. There was a good side to us missing the bus though, now we can just go to Johor Bahru which is an hour and a half away from Singapore and is the town we were going to have to come back to anyway to catch a flight to Malaysian Borneo. We checked with Asia Air and were able to book a flight to Kota Kinabalu from Johor Bahru for $100/each which we thought was pretty good and with it leaving the next morning we couldn’t turn it down. After booking the flights we checked into the bus to Johor Bahru and for only $1 we could take the bus for the hour and a half ride to Johor Bahru which I thought was stupidly cheap. Before we left I tried to upload some pics from our trip onto photobucket but man what a waste of time that was, it took over an hour to upload only 20 pics so I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to post the pics from the rest of my trip before getting home.

We said bye to everyone at the hostel around 3pm and jumped onto the bus for Johor Bahru. It took stops at 2 different customs offices but finally we made it to Johor Bahru around 5:30pm and jumped in a taxi to get into the downtown area of JB where our hotel was located. I’m loving the fact that I can jump in a taxi and drive across the city for less than a few dollars and with Jordan we get to split that in half. We ended up staying in a pretty busy part of town at Gateway Hotel which was $28 for a double room. It was nice cus there was a shopping mall basically right beside the hotel and with free wi-fi in the mall I was able to spend a couple hours updating my blog and talking to friends back home. We walked around a little bit after the mall but we had to be up at 5:30am to take a taxi to the airport for our flight at 7:25am. We were looking forward to finally doing some scuba diving since that’s what most people go to Borneo for, I tried getting reservations for diving but the places I tried online were all full so we had to keep our fingers crossed and hope we could find a place when we got there.

Lonelytravelerwin says:
Sounds like missing the bus to KL wasn't that bad after all ;P
Posted on: May 25, 2008
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