Last night in Patong and flip-flops are deadly in the rain!

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For our last day in Patong we did some exploring around, walking through the markets and shops, took a walk to the beach which was rather unimpressive and for the most part took it pretty easy. Milky and I had been craving some western food so we all went and got Subway which to my surprise was just as expensive here as it is at home. After lunch we started bargaining for Bus/Boat tickets to Koh Phi Phi for tomorrow and it took about 6 or 7 vendors but we finally found a girl that would sell them to us for pretty cheap(300 Baht instead of 450 Baht)

Not much exciting happened during the day so I won’t bore you with the details but later that night we went out and got some food at this Asian market by our hotel and had some really good Thai food. After eating we were going to take it pretty easy but then we ran into some girls from Switzerland and then some from Ireland that really wanted to go out so we all stopped off at 7-11 ad picked up some cheap liquor and walked around from bar to bar trying to find a place with little to no prostitutes or lady boys but that can actually be quite a bit harder than you’d think. Eventually the girls wanted to go to a club so we suggested Banana club since we had walked by it during the day and it looked half decent so we made the short walk there but they wanted 200 Baht to get in and it didn’t even look like it was busy at all so we decided to just head to D Club since it had been busy the nights we were there and we knew how to get in for free and get cheap drinks. When we got to D Club they wanted us to pay since we weren’t with any Thai girls but I worked my magic and within a few minutes we were in the club for free with a handful of drink tickets. Now although it was only 1am the club was pretty dead and there were maybe 50-100 people in the place but we were just happy to be in and be able to dance for a bit and have some free drinks. It was around 3am when we all decided to call it a night and although we didn’t have to be up early, we still figured it best to try and get a half decent sleep before leaving(bus comes at 11:30am to pick us up) On our way out of the club we noticed that it was raining and I hadn’t rally encountered any rain with my flips flops till this point and didn’t realize that they are like trying to walk on ice when it’s wet so I ended up tumbling down the first 4 stairs of the entrance to the club. I must say that it hurt pretty bad and I thought I had broken my camera cus it was in my hand and it smashed against the steps when I fell but luckily it was still intact and worked perfectly. I waddled back to the hotel with a sore bum and gently got in to bed, now I know to be very careful wearing flip flops when it rains.

We had only planned to stay 1 night in Patong and it turned into 3, the Irish guys really like to party and as much as that’s loads of fun, I’m really looking forward to doing some really exploring and doing some daytrips since I haven’t got to do much of that on my trip so far. I’ve heard mixed things about Koh Phi Phi, some say it’s a crazy party island and others say it’s a relaxing getaway so I guess we’ll see how it goes when we get there. The diving is supposed to be really good as well so maybe I’ll get a few more dives in!

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photo by: darkinvader143