Last night in Koh Phi Phi, saying goodbye to my friends from Calgary :-(

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Today I didn’t manage to get up till 1pm as I was just drained from all the swimming yesterday and the late night of drinking. I was the first one up in our group so I decided to go down and use the free wi-fi at Breakers Pub and get some eats. I spent close to 4 hours sitting there uploading pics and updating my blog since I’ve been really behind on posting. Eventually Will and Hannah came by and were going to be walking up to the viewpoint so I figured I’d go with them again since this time they seemed to know where it actually was. On the way towards the viewpoint I stopped off at our room and grabbed Nagel since he was the only one around and the 4 of us climber the 400+ steps to the top of the viewpoint. It was a great view from the top and with the sun just setting we managed to get some pretty good pics. After making the trek back down the steps we all split up and I went back to the room to get showered up and ready to go out for the night since it was going to be our last night in Ko Phi Phi and our last night with Will and Hannah. When I got to the room everyone was gone so I figured they were all getting eats or something so I jumped in the shower and by the time I got ready, Nagel had made his way back to the room and was looking to go out to eat since he hadn’t really eaten anything all day. We weren’t sure where we wanted to eat but ended up stopping at an Italian restaurant for pasta since neither of us had had pasta at all during our trip.

Just as we were finishing eating, Milky, Sean and Bernard walked past so we chased them down and all went back to the room so they could change to go out. We still hadn’t booked a flight or ferry to leave Ko Phi Phi so we figured we should go down to the travel agent and get that booked before they closed. As we were leaving to go book our stuff I ran into Will and Hannah and told them I’d come back to get them when we were done and then we could all go out rather than have them wait around for us at the travel agent. It took close to an hour to get everything arranged with the travel agent and in that time I ran back to the room to grab Will and his girlfriend who were getting antsy to go out. When we got back the agent was just finishing up the tickets and Will decided it would be a good idea to buy a round of strawpedos for everyone so we went into the 7-11 and bought 7 Smirnoff Ice. Will was a little skeptical at first about the strawpedo idea but now he was loving them and had been talking about doing them for half the day. I got Bernard to take a video of us doing a round of strawpedoes and right after Will and I decided to get the deluxe bucket that he had been craving so badly. We wanted everyone to get one and share but Milky and Bernie were going to take it easy because of their sunburns and ended up leaving shortly after 12pm. Nagle wanted to share one with Sean but Sean had went pretty hard on the buckets the night before so he felt like just doing a couple more strawpedoes, Nagle ended up just getting his own regular sized bucket and Hannah grabbed a few coolers to sip throughout the night.

Shortly after getting our deluxe bucket we ran into a bunch of Canadians that were traveling together and before we knew it we had talked them into getting a deluxe bucket themselves and I also went in and got a round of strawpedoes for everyone since they had never heard of them either. They were amazed when I showed them how to do it and couldn’t wait to go back to Canada to show their friends. Eventually they talked us into going to the beach with them(this time the opposite beach which has Hippies Bar on it) and after a short walk we were on the beach working our way down to the bar. Unfortunately since we all had buckets already they wouldn’t let us into the bar so our group decided to walk down the beach a little farther and drink while the other Canadians opted to go back down the other way in search of another bar. Two of the Canadian guys from that group were kind of crazy anyway so we weren’t too upset to split up from them. We found a couple swings that were tied to some trees on the beach and just kind of hung out there for most of the night. It took Will and I almost all night but we managed to down the entire deluxe bucket between us and by the end we were both a wreck. We went back to our rooms around 3am I think and hung out there for a bit before going to bed. Sean kept trying to cuddle up to Will cus it was making Will extremely uncomfortable, it was sooooo funny! See Irish guys tend to be pretty close and have no problem cuddling up to one of their guy friends when having a convo but Canadians are not like that and although I had gotten used to their closeness, Will was not and it was funny watching him squirm. We said our goodbyes to Will and Hannah around 4am since we were leaving in the morning and they were going somewhere else as well. It was lots of fun to party with a friend from back home for once and I really hope I run into another friend from home somewhere along the way in Asia. Tomorrow we're off to Bangkok and then the next day we'll take another flight to Chiang Mai!

JeAr says:
geez, get out of Thailand already lol! :P
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
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