Last day of diving in amazing Sipadan and Mabul :-(

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We were back in the boat to do our first dive of the day bright and early at 7am which kinda sucked because we were all super tired from the three dives yesterday. We started off at Barracuda Point on Sipadan Island and did a 25m dive for 37 minutes. Unfortunately the visibility wasn’t that great because it was still morning and the sun wasn’t fully out to shed light through the water. The dive was still pretty good though and luckily I didn’t have a faulty regulator this time so there were no issues in that regard.

After the first dive we spent close to 2 hours on Sipadan Island where we had breakfast and got some sun. I swear I could live the rest of my life on an island like that, the water was crystal clear, the view was amazing and the beach was pristine. Once our break was up we got back on the boat and did our second dive which was at Mid Reef on Sipadan and was a depth of 23m for 40 minutes. By this time the sun was out in full force so the visibility was back up to 20m, a little less than the day before but we were still able to see a ton of different fish and even got to swim with the sharks again although they didn’t come as close as yesterday.

For some reason I ran out of air earlier than everyone else to Jordan and I had to surface a little early. Normally Jordan runs out first and we both have to surface since it works on a buddy system but yeah, for some reason I must have been breathing harder or something.

Once we got back on the boat we headed back to Mabul for our 2 hour break to relax just like the previous day. It was soooooo damn hot that I was only out in the sun for maybe 10 minutes when I started to feel the sting of a burn coming on. After that I threw on a shirt and went exploring the island a little to meet some of the locals(mostly kids around though) and they got quite a kick out of running up and giving me high-fives. I then watched a few kids trying to fish from a platform about 35 feet in the air with no safety railing and shoddy boards, I looked down and it was a fall that would probably kill most adults let alone children since the water was only about a foot deep. Most of the others went and slept for the two hours since diving really zapped a lot of our energy. You should have seen how slow everyone was gearing up and jumping back on the boat when it was time to leave again, we knew we didn’t have much fuel left in us.

Our third and last dive of the day was at Paradise 2 just off Mabul Island which was a depth of 16m for 45 minutes. Although we got to see a few new species of fish, we had got caught in a current and for some reason our dive master decided it would be a good idea to go against the current which we thought was retarded cus it’s very hard to go against the current when your under water. While going against the current we didn’t really cover much ground at all and used our oxygen quite a bit more and were completely dead tired after the dive. A bunch of the divers complained including myself but they fell on deaf ears as our dive master ensured us that that’s what he wanted us to do and that he knows the sea there a lot better than we do and to trust him.

We got back to Mabul and only had 20 minutes to shower and get packed before the boat back to Semporna was due to leave so we got ready, said all our goodbyes and exchanged emails before making the sad departure away from one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. It took about 45 minutes to get back to land and immediately headed for the buses to Tawau which is where we’re supposed to fly out of tomorrow to get to Phuket, Thailand. By nightfall we were checked into Hotel Soon Yee and after our usual exploration around the city we decided to call it a night and be nice and rested for the flights tomorrow.

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photo by: Deats