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We slept through our alarm and even slept through the check out call at 12pm when we finally woke up to someone knocking on our day at 1pm to say that we had to check out right away or pay for another day. Yesterday we had booked a flight to Jakarta for today at 8:55pm so we packed up and took our stuff over to Matts hotel for the day until we left. At 2pm we met up with the two Australian girls(Crystle and Vanessa) and had lunch at this really nice place by Matt’s hotel that served an American style breakfast which we all seemed to be craving. After eating we headed for the beach and most of the day was spent soaking up the sun and swimming in the ocean. There was a slightly awkward moment when Matt, Crystle and I were out in the water and were hit by our first wave, knocking Crystles bikini top down without her noticing.

I felt bad cus Matt and I didn’t know whether to tell her or not and since we were both too chicken to say anything we wited for her to notice which took a good minute or so. We never sad anything and neither did she so it was never brought up again although Matt and I did get a pretty good chuckle out of it.

It was funny when we were back on the beach sharing more travel stories and found out that the two girls were getting hosed by everyone everywhere they went, paying waaaay too much for basically everything they did. They were taking cab rides for 2-3 times what it cost us cus they never bargained or thought that the price they bargained down to was good when it actually wasn’t. They also didn’t know how to handle the hawkers so they’d end up buying something from almost everyone that came up to them just to get rid of them.

I thought we had been getting screwed but they definitely were taking the cake for getting screwed over in Bali.

Around 6pm we said our goodbyes to the Aussie girls and went to Matt’s place to get our bags and ordered some McDonalds to our room(they have McDelivery here). After eating we said our goodbyes to Matt which was really sad cus we loved hanging out with him and it was gonna suck to not have him around anymore. We got a taxi to the airport and went through security before finding out that the travel agency guy kinda screwed us by telling us the flight was for the 7th when it was actually for the 8th. Of course neither of us actually checked the ticket so again it was our fault but it sucked to have to go back into Kuta and stay another day when we had already said our goodbyes.

The only upside though was that we knew that Matt and the Aussie girls were meeting at Ocean Beach Club at 9pm so we decided to show up and surprise them. On our way out of our hotel we ran into a girl from Edmonton which is a city only 3 hours from our city(Calgary) and told her we’d come by after ad pick her up since she hadn’t been out in Kuta yet and was looking for someone to go out with.

We met Matt and the Aussie girls at Ocean Beach and had dinner and drinks for close to 2 hours before Jordan went and picked up the Canadian girl at out hotel(Olivia). We all sat and had a few drinks together and decided since we all had another day together that we’d rent a car and tour guide for the day tomorrow and do a day tour through Bali. Around 12pm Matt and the Aussie girls decided to call it a night since they were all pretty tired so Olivia, Jordan and I grabbed some beers before heading back to our hotel to have a few drinks before heading out again.

Eventually we made our way to Bounty Nightclub and danced until they closed the club down at 3am or so. Jordan and Olivia were still up for partying some more so we grabbed some drinks at the mini-mart and headed back to the hotel to party by the pool. By that time we were getting pretty hungry as well so we ordered some McDelivery (for the second time in one day haha) and of course they screwed all of our orders up so they had to come back a second time with the rest of our order. Before we knew it the sun was coming up and unfortunately it was close to 8am when Jordan and I finally went to bed. The shitty part is we had to be up in 1 hour to get ready to meet everyone at Matt’s hotel and we hadn’t even packed our bags yet L Oh well, only one more day and we can get out of this party town!

lovely_lori88 says:
wow your trip sounds like so much fun! mcDelivery, that's amazing!!! lol
Posted on: May 13, 2008
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