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Well I should have known better when I thought the Ipod alarm would work, it doesn’t work like my touch did cus mine had an external speaker and Jordan’s didn’t so it didn’t end up making a sound when 8:30am came around. I was lucky to be woken up by banging on my door and when I opened the door there was a Thai guy standing there saying he was there to see Jordan since they were going to hang out during the day I guess. I quickly asked him what time it was and he told me it was 9:30am so I freaked and ran down to the beach to see if the class had already left but when I went down there the instructor said that one of the guys in the group has a small ear infection and that he’d like to postpone the class till the next day if that was ok with me.

I was happy of course since I was late and we all agreed to do the classroom portion of the course today and that way we wouldn’t have to meet up tomorrow until 12:30pm or so which I thought was great cus then I could still go out tonight if I wanted to. We spent about 2 hours going through the course booklet and then were given the rest of the day off to work away in our diving notebooks. I went up to the room and realized that Jordan had left with the key so I was forced to sit down by the beach and do more of my workbook which wasn’t really a big deal anyway cus it had to get done at some point anyway. Around 3pm I finally went up to reception and asked if they could get one of the cleaners to open my room because I was tired and sick of working in my workbook.

I managed to sleep for a couple hours before being woken up by Jordan and the local who had been hanging out all day. Shortly after Jordan and the local showed up, the Irish guys came home from a day of exploring and since we were all a little hungry we decided to go out and get some food before starting the night. After diner we all went back to the resort and hung out in Milky(Kevin) and Nagels room(Irish guys) and we ended up chillin’ in the room till close to 12pm when we finally decided to go out to Lotus bar again. I got introduced to my first Strawpedo in which you take a beer or cooler and stick a straw in the top and chug the drink in about 3 gulps. How it works is the straw clears the air out of the bottle letting you drink the liquid straight out of the bottle and goes down much like the way a beer does in a beer bong.

I can’t believe we haven’t ever doe this in Canada but I’ll be sure to take this skill home with me when I leave.

This time on the way to Sairee Beach where Lotus bar is located, we grabbed a bottle of the local whiskey at 7-11 for around $3 and bought some coke and red bull to make our own buckets which cost us less than half what we would have paid at the bar(yes we’re cheap lol). When we got to Lotus Bar it was just as packed as the night before but people were a lot more drunk today and quite a few of the people were swimming in the ocean since the bar is right on the beach. Again we had a blast talking with everyone at the bar and even met a pretty funny Canadian that was striking out with same Dutch girl 2 nights in a row which we thought was hilarious.

Sean was getting a kick out of grabbing random girls and throwing them in the ocean and surprisingly not a single one got mad at him, I guess it was his Irish charm or something lol. When Lotus shut off the lights at 2:30am we went to Ban’s bar again and spent the next 2 hours or so hanging out there. Bernard and Nagel got absolutely hammered and were hanging from the roof above the dance floor and using their feet to rope girls into dancing with them. It was freakin hilarious watching this but the nice thing is that all the girls are really relaxed and most were more than happy to dance with the 3 drunkest guys in the bar. Milky and I spent most of the time at the bar drinking Jagerbombs and imitating the video “my new haircut” from YouTube.
I think the bartender had a thing for Milky cus she kept making the drinks stronger and stronger every time we ordered one and then sat up on the bar and talked to Milky for a good 30 minute or so. I ended up running into the Danish girls that we partied with in Koh Pha-Ngan and got to have a drink with them before they had to head out, unfortunately it was their last night and they had to be up early so they couldn’t stay long but it’s always cool to run into people that you’ve already met on your trip and catch up with them.

When 4:30am rolled around we decided to move on down the street and ended up at the 7-11 where everyone seems to hang out after Ban’s. I almost died laughing when Bernard passed out with his head in the automatic doorway of the 7-11 and it kept trying to close on his head. Seriously I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in years, everyone seemed to get a kick out of it as well and I think probably 25 people have pictures of him passed out with the door closing on his head. I think it was close to 6am when we finally made our way back to the resort and Jordan was there hanging out in the room because he was still in quite a bit of pain from his infection and had to leave earlier in the night to get off his feet.

lovely_lori88 says:
haha omg that sounds like so much fun!!! i would have liked to see your impressions of my new haircut, that video is hilarious! your trip sounds like so much fun!
Posted on: Jun 15, 2008
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