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I finally managed to sleep in a little and didn’t wake up till close to 11:30am which gave me some much needed rest and even though I was still feeling a little under the weather(sore throat and not really all that hungry) at least I wasn’t tired haha

Jordan had to be down at the tattoo shop for 12:30pm so we grabbed a quick lunch and headed down there so he could get it over with. It had taken Jordan a couple hours the previous day but he eventually decided on a traditional Thai symbol meaning to protect him from harm basically( don’t remember the exact translation) and then “Spiritual Growth” written in Thai along the back of his lower leg right above the ankle. Now once he got to the tattoo place he actually decided to get another tattoo to partly cover up an older tattoo of dice that he had on the top of his foot.

They worked out the designs and then the tattoo artist got the equipment ready. One thing I noticed though was that his “sterile” needles were just needles in a box and personally I couldn’t see anything sterile about them, they weren’t in packages or anything, just a bunch of open needles in a box. Kind of scary if you ask me, Jordan didn’t seem to care though. For the next 5 hours Jordan sat in the tattoo chair and got all the tattoos he wanted done, I only stayed for a few minutes and then went to the beach to read my book and get some sun. Finally around 5pm I went back to the tattoo place and they were still working on Jordan so I went back to the room to relax and waited for Jordan to finish up so we could get some dinner. Eventually he got back to the hostel around 7pm or so and was in quite a bit of pain from having the top of his foot tattooed to cover his old one, the top of the foot is supposed to be one of the most painful spots on the body I guess.

It wasn’t till close to 8:30pm when we finally got to go get some dinner and luckily enough we ran into Celia and Victoria at the place we were eating so we spent some time chatting and they decided that after dinner they come up to our room and have a few drinks before we all left for the half moon party. One cool thing about the restaurants in Ko Pha-Ngan is that they all play movies at night so we got to watch a movie while we ate dinner. After dinner we went back to our hostel and got some mix for our rum that we had left and started to have some drinks, about a half hour later the girls came by and well all had a couple drinks while going through the pictures from our trip and telling them about some of our funny nights and stories from the trip so far.

We managed to finish the bottle of rum between the 4 of us but luckily it was close to 12am so we figured it be best to head to the half moon party since it’d probably be starting to get busy by now. It officially starts at 8pm but I don’t know how people go there that early. We walked down to the place where all the taxis are and ended up sharing one with some girls from Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately Jordan was already a little intoxicated and was making an ass of himself in the car and continued making an ass of himself when we got to the half moon so we knew it was gong to be a long night unless we got some more drinks in us lol

Shortly after getting to the party Jordan disappeared talking to some people so the girls and I decided to go and get some of the glow in the dark paint put on us since there were black lights everywhere and it seemed like everyone else had some part of the their body covered in this paint.

I got the girls to pick mine and I ended up with a pretty cool dragon down my arm while the girls got butterflies and flowers on their shoulder blades and arms respectively. It took me all of 5 minutes to get the paint on my clothes but the people promised that the paint would come out with soap so we all just prayed that it would wash out. It seemed most people were covered in paint so I didn’t worry too much. Right after we all bought buckets and sat down on this platform overhanging the dance area which was one of the best seats in the house in my opinion. We sat there for a while just talking about life in general, about our careers and about travel. It was a pretty serious talk to be having at one of the biggest parties in Thailand but it was nice to have a serious conversation with someone for once, it doesn’t seem to happen that often when I’m traveling I find.
A little bit later it started to downpour and we started getting wet where we were sitting so we moved up a little farther under the platform and ended up sitting at this table where they guys had bottles of Vodka and red bull just sitting on the table. Now Celia knew the girl that was with those guys so she started to grab the red bull bottles and pour them into our drinks. I laughed so hard at her not so stealthy moves to take the red bull and laughed even harder a she went for the big bottles of Vodka. We were lucky that no one seemed to care and we ended up making our buckets disgustingly strong in the process. We continued having laughs as we talked about just about anything we could think of and the time seemed to just flew by before we knew it.

It wasn’t long before a few hours had gone by and we started to wonder where Jordan had went and although I knew he was probably alright, it was still weird that we hadn’t seen him in so long. Eventually though Jordan came stumbling around, three sheets to the wind and out of money. I guess in the time he had gone he had managed to get a motorcycle taxi back to our hotel to get more money and then came back and had been dancing down on the dance floor the rest of the time. Jordan then took off again to go to the washroom and we didn’t see him for quite a while again. In the meantime the girls and I decided to head down to the dance floor and get a closer look at the action since the rain was starting to die down a little. It was almost 5am and the place was still going strong although it did look like almost everyone on the dance floor had some kind of drug other than alcohol in them so I guess that’s what was keeping everyone going.

We ran into Jordan again while on the dance floor and he seemed to be pretty tired so we all went back up to the platform to watch the sunrise before heading back to the hostel. Everyone says you can’t go the half moon party and not watch the sun come up so we stayed up and watched it rise. Shortly after that though we called it a night and jumped back in the taxi for home. It was funny watching everyone stumble into the taxis and try to count out the 100 baht to give to the taxi driver. When we finally got back home we stopped for pizza at a place just down the road from our hostel and I felt bad for Celia cus a motorbike came around the corner just outside when we were walking up and smoked the back of her arm with his mirror as he drove by. All in all I had an awesome night even though I didn’t get fucked up on any drugs other than alcohol and didn’t spend all night dancing in the rain but hey, at least I remember all of it and I have quite a few funny stories to take home from it.
I do have to give it to the two Canadian girls though, without them I don’t think the night would have been half as fun! Maybe I’ll come back and do the Full Moon Party if I get the chance, still haven’t decided on that one yet.

lovely_lori88 says:
wow that sounds so fun! im so jealous :)
Posted on: Jun 14, 2008
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