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Remember how I said my throat was feeling kinda scratchy, well I was right, I woke up with a soar throat and stuffy sinuses. They told us specifically that you can’t dive if you have a cold or stuffy sinuses so I immediately went and popped a couple Advil(the only drug I have) and chugged the rest of my orange juice before having breakfast in hope that it may help me feel a little better. By the time we got to school I was starting to feel better and luckily my sinuses had cleared a little so I didn’t bother telling the instructor and just prayed that I’d last the day.

We were outfitted for all our gear and did the short walk over to the marina before getting on a boat with 4 other students who were already on their second in water lesson. I was starting to get quite nervous when we finally got out to Gaya Island where we were going to be doing our dives and it only got worse when we got all our equipment on and were waiting to jump in the water. Even though I’ve never went diving before, I’ve always had this small fear of drowning, it’s nothing major really but I was a little scared that I’d freak out once I was deep under the water. There was close to 2 hours of in water lessons, where we learned how to use all the equipment and how to handle emergencies like running out of air and stuff like that. I surprising handled it really well and when we finally got to do our first actual dive I felt very comfortable and there wasn’t any fear whatsoever. Our first dive was only 11.9m for 30 minutes but that was a good starting depth cus it takes some getting used to with all the pressure changes and stuff.

There was an hour and a half lunch break for us to eat and relax on the beach before doing our afternoon lessons and then our second dive. It was pretty hot and the sun was out so Jordan and I both got a healthy sunburn since we hadn’t really had any beaches or hardcore sun since we left Bali. Around 2pm we started our second in-water lessons which got us prepared for numerous different situations under the water like having to share airways and stuff like that. We flew right through all the lessons and were able to do our second dive but this time we only went to around 9m depth for 45 minutes. I thought we’d be able to go deeper but you always have to work your way up each time you dive, your not supposed to go deeper every dive. The visibility for both our dives didn’t seem that good to me but it was still good enough to great some great views of the coral and all the different fish and plants that inhabit it. Both dives were at Police Beach on Gaya Island, just off the mainland.

After our dives we did our dive logs back at the school and by 5pm we were on our way back to the lodge. It began yet another torrential downpour just as we were getting home so most of the night was spent indoors. We did venture out later in the night to see if the Harvest Festival was any better but due to the rain most people seemed to have stayed home. We figured it best to call it a night and get a good sleep since we had another full day of diving tomorrow.

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