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The alarm went off at 8am but it fell on deaf ears as neither of us heard it and ended up sleeping in till 9am which wasn’t that bad since most of the travel places didn’t open until then anyway. We went directly to this place called Filipino Travel where we were lucky enough to get a flight for 3pm today for only $45 Canadian! We were soo happy to not have to stay another day in Manila since we were both looking to get back on the beaches and get some much needed R & R. We went out for breakfast and then went back to the room to get showered and packed to check out by 12pm. Since I had got my Ipod back I decided to go to Robinsons Center which is a pretty big shopping mall across the street from our guesthouse and see if I could find some Ipod speakers so we could listen to music in the room and such. I left at around 12:15pm and figured I’d have more than enough time to be back by 12:45pm to catch a taxi to the airport. Anyone that knows me could see this coming but I honestly didn’t expect to be in the mall as long as I was and when I got back to the room at 1:15pm I figured I was going to get chewed out by Kerstin who had been waiting patiently with our bags for me to get back. Luckily though she wasn’t too mad though and said she’d be fine as long as we made our flight so I promised her that we’d have no issues and that we’d make it there on time. I got a little worried when we hit some heavy traffic but thankfully we made it to the airport on time and got to the gate with an extra 20 minutes to spare before boarding!

Once we got on the plane it was only an hour flight to Caticlan(push off point for Boracay) which went by super fast and it was pretty cool to look at all the islands from up in the plane. Everything turns into a cluster fuck when you land in Caticlan as they hand over luggage through a counter about 3 feet wide with 75+ passengers trying to squeeze in to get their bags, not really for the claustrophobic. Once we got our luggage we followed the convoy of people outside the airport where you catch a tricycle type thing like a small tuk-tuk that takes you to the pier where you catch the boat across to Boracay. Once you get across to Boracay you have to get another tricycle into whatever part of the island you want to stay in. We picked the typically cheaper backpacker area on White Sand Beach which is the most popular beach on Boracay. It took us a good hour or so before we found a nice place that was cheap, it wasn’t hard finding places with room since most places were pretty empty due to it being low-season but it was difficult finding a place that was a little cheaper. We ended up in a place called Grace’s Inn which has some really nice bamboo bungalows that cost around $9/night but you have your own balcony with a hammock, your own washroom, satellite TV and it’s in a secluded area that’s nice and quiet, away from all the tourists. Right after checking in we went straight to the beach and enjoyed a few rays before heading down the beach a little farther to see what kind of restaurants we had to choose from for dinner tonight. We eventually decided on a place that had a buffet for $4 which we thought was pretty reasonable and had quite a selection of foods including fresh off the BBQ fish and pork. 2 hours and 3 plates later we managed to hobble out of the place so stuffed that we could barely walk, definitely the biggest meal either of us has eaten on the trip thus far. After dinner we strolled along the beach and watched the fire show that one of the bars near by was putting on, much like the fire shows in Koh PhaNgan but the people here were much better. Later on we found a nice relaxed bar on the beach that we decided to have a couple drinks at and finally get to know one another since we didn’t really get chance in the last 24 hours to talk about anything except how to get to Boracay. It was around 1am or so when we figured we’d call it a night, we wanted to get up early and maybe rent a motorbike or lounge on the beach for the day, depending on how we felt. I was a little stuffed up and was feeling a little bit of a cold coming on from sleeping in the air conditioned room the night before, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t turn into a full blown cold in the coming days.

okeechobee says:
i'm glad you got to visit my island paradise... Boracay is like home to me, you know... every chance i get, i hie off there to recharge... i'm happy you had a great Boracay experience... that should make you come back...
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
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